The Flash ‘The New Rogues’ (3×04): Recapped

This week on The Flash debuts Mirror Master (Grey Damon) and partner, Top (Ashley Rickards). The pair are Central City’s very own Bonnie and Clyde, the only difference being that they sport evil super powers. The entire episode was fun, quirky, and full of action.

The Flash 'Mirror Master' (3x04): Recapped 1

It was great to see the show move on from what unfolded in the previous season with Zoom.

To kick off the episode, we see a fight scene between The Rogues, including leader, Leonard Snart (Captain Cold). Scudder (Mirror Master) and Roslyn (Top) want out of the group because it simply isn’t what they want anymore. If you’ve watched the show in the past, you know that there’s only one way out of The Rogues, and it’s to be gone, quite literally.

Snart eventually gets the upper hand and has a gun pointing at Scudder’s head ready to end it once and for all. That’s until the infamous particle accelerator goes off. As a result of this, Snart and his henchmen quickly make their exit leaving Scudder and Roslyn behind. After the particle accelerator fills the room with dark matter, Scudder disappears.

Flash forward three years, the same warehouse is being renovated. One of the workers sets up an old mirror which becomes distorted. Scudder, now with metahuman powers, screams at him asking where Snart is.

Unknowingly over at S.T.A.R. Labs are Team Flash helping Jesse come to grips with becoming a Speedster. Barry warns her that to be the best she can possibly be, she needs to learn to anticipate her powers in order to master them.

Later on, Barry and Iris are really trying to get their relationship going. It’s all going well until Joe walks in and the air turns awkward, resulting in Iris asking Barry to talk to Joe about them. Of course it’s going to be awkward considering Iris is Joe’s daughter and Joe took Barry in when his father was wrongfully imprisoned.

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Back to Mirror Master, he begins the hunt of his known associates to find Snart. He turns aggressive and throws his former partner through a couple of mirrors and out a window. Ouch. Fortunately, he’s fine, but he warns the police about Mirror Master.

Barry sees his opportunity to talk to Joe about his relationship with Iris but Joe immediately shuts him down. ‘Just do what you’ve got to do,’ Joe tells him before quickly leaving the awkward situation.

Over at S.T.A.R. Labs; Cisco, Caitlin, and Harry are setting up an advertisement in the multiverse in search for another Harrison Wells. Another Harrison Wells? You read correctly, Earth-2 Harry wants to go back to his own world so they want to find a suitable replacement.

Team Flash come back together to discuss their current metahuman problem. They run through his old associates and with majority being dead or off the grid, Joe decides to visit Top at Iron Heights.

Top refuses to answer anything. Just before Joe and Central City’s District Attorney, Cecil, call it quits and leave, Mirror Master makes his entrance. ‘Come and get us!’ He says before the pair disappear in the glass window and make their great escape.

Back at the warehouse where it all began, Scudder explains to his partner that he’s changed and has the power to travel through mirrors. Roslyn has something to admit, too. She has powers to make her surroundings warped into a circle and disorientate people caught in the middle.

Cisco, Caitlin and Harry are interviewing potential Harrison Wells’ and it ends with the doppleganger from Earth-19. Cisco and Caitlin are hopeful but Harry has a bad feeling about him.

The Rogues begin their reign of terror and start robbing banks. The Flash and Jesse Quick get there to talk them down but it becomes a race to stop them. In the end, Mirror Master throws Barry into a mirror, instantly trapping him.

The Flash 'The New Rogues' (3x04): Recapped 2

Jesse immediately takes the blame because Barry told her to stay while he fought the duo. She didn’t listen, got into an altercation with Top, and fell from a tall building. Barry saved her but got pushed into the mirror in the process.

The team attempt to freeze Barry out of the mirror but the machine they built didn’t accumulate the right temperature. When they get distracted, Caitlin uses her recently formed powers to freeze him out. It’s happening. Killer Frost is happening.

Barry is back as The Flash and has come up with an idea how to trick Mirror Master and beat him at his own game. He does this with the help from the hologram of Captain Cold to lure Mirror Master out.

The Flash 'The New Rogues' (3x04): Recapped 3

Long story short, Barry traps Mirror Master in a circle of his own reflection, and while distracted puts handcuffs on him.

Cisco and Caitlin hire Earth-19’s Harrison Wells to replace Harry despite his reluctance. Harry tries to tell Team Flash something but mid-sentence, the pair fly through the breach. Dun, dun, dun.

You’d think this story ended on a happy note but with Caitlin’s superpowers enhancing, things can only get worse for her. Harry also knew that the machine he and Cisco created wasn’t the reason for Barry’s escape. It’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out. Like said before, it’s happening. KILLER FROST IS HAPPENING.

Next week’s episode is called Monster and here’s a sneak peek.


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