CelebMix Speaks to Fleur East and Conor Maynard at WE Day UK

When we headed to WEDay UK we got the chance to have a chat with Conor Maynard and Fleur East on the blue carpet. Here’s the lowdown on what went down on this cold, wet morning at the SSE Wembley, London. Be sure to check out our review of the event here to find out more about Fleur and Conor’s killer performances!

Fleur East

Having performed at WE Day previously, X Factor superstar Fleur East came back for 2017 to provide some energetic magic at the early morning event with a performance of Uptown Funk. Pre-show we caught up with her and here’s what was said.

On being part of WEDay 2017

I feel back at home, Wembley has a lot of memories for me. It’s important to me because I just love children and I believe they’re the future leaders and the future generations. They’re doing positive change because one thing social media has done has made it a lot about yourself and it’s good that WE Day is here to encourage people to do something within the community to help others

Her message to the young people in attendance

I would say take from this that we need to help each other and stand together to do positive things. It makes you a much richer person when you do positive things for other people, you can see a change inside from doing this

On her inspiration

A lot of the greats as a performer Michael Jackson – I still listen to him and watch his performances on YouTube but I think in my life my mother she’s a huge inspiration she’s someone that’s very resilient and determined no matter what knocks her down she always gets back up. She taught me how to live that way too.”


Conor Maynard

You probably know Conor for his brilliant covers of some of the most popular songs around, but he’s also an avid supporter of WE Day UK and came back for 2017 to take to Wembley’s stage. But before this, he had time to chat about WE Day, his music and his views on Ed Sheeran…

On the importance of WE Day

This’ll be maybe my third time performing at WE Day and it’s always an honour. The shows are a lot of fun and really well put together. So many amazing performances and speeches and I’m always up for taking part. I released a song about how every time it seemed that on Facebook and whatever I just saw horrible, horrible posts and it was just like why would you even log in anymore or put yourself through seeing that. I think things like this where it’s about spreading positivity is really really important

On his own original material and working with Liam Payne

I’m still finishing it off, I’m in the studio almost every day at the moment working on it and trying to finish it. Hoping to release as much as possible of it this year, we’re going to go for it and see what works. I’ve worked with Liam Payne and met him a lot, I know at the moment he’s working on his solo project and I know he’s looking for songs for his album. I think if you write a song and think ‘this might not work for me but it might work for someone else’ a lot of the time that’s how it ends up.


On Ed Sheeran

“He was tweeted mine and The Vamps mash-up so many times by fans I like to think he might have seen it! I haven’t seen Ed since quite a few years ago in Toronto when we did a show together. He was such a nice guy, he just came and we were just chilling before he came on stage. He’s very smart, he’s got his head screwed on! I think there should be a new festival, The Ed Sheeran Festival, just him he is the only person that goes on stage every single time”


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Written by Nicola Craig

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