Four Majestic Art Displays at London’s Eden Gallery

London’s Eden Gallery is famous for its expansive and impressive collection of glorious art pieces. The gallery has been able to secure displays from some of the world’s best creative minds – those who espouse innovation and never hesitate to break the mold, experimenting with colours, shapes and dimensions to produce awe-inspiring pieces. Let’s have a look at four displays that art lovers have declared to be superbly majestic.

“Monopoly Money Wings (Man Flying)”

This free staging sculpture is among Eden Gallery’s premier Alec Monopoly collection. The artist himself has a powerful reputation for being one of the leaders in contemporary art and the work lives up to that reputation. The sculpture features the popular image of the Monopoly Man but in a re-imagined form. The artist adds new dimensions to the figure by including wings and aptly adorning them with symbols of international currencies. The brilliant, vibrant colours and pleasant demeanour on Monopoly Man’s face help this piece to fit seamlessly into the gallery’s drive to show the uplifting and positive sides of art. Additionally, the image’s stance, with wings outstretched and feet slightly bent, indicates that Monopoly Man is poised for takeoff.  Observers can easily discern optimistic meanings from this piece. These include the ethos of prosperity, wealth and general success.

“Zeppelin in A Silver Sky”

This gorgeous mixed media painting is the work of Italian artist Angelo Accardi, who has been identified as one of today’s masters of creativity. The piece boasts a powerful combination of symbolism and surrealism. In this piece Accardi uses urban features such as the early 20th-century airship (a zeppelin) overhead and the mural in the backdrop as the frame in which he presents a scene occupied hi historic human figures and modern movie images such as the Minions and Marvin the Martian. The combination of features from modern-day life may be viewed as an indicator that the past, the present and the future are interconnected. The piece is however open to diverse interpretation, making it suitable for acquisition by any modern art lover.

Eduardo Kobra’s ‘Thinker’ 

Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra’s ‘Thinker’ is an original acrylic on Canvas. In this piece the artist manipulates a familiar art theme ‘human steeped in thought’.  But true to the nature of the works displayed by Eden Gallery he has delivered a fresh, contemporary perspective that converts the piece into a truly masterful creation.  This is a powerful and thought provoking piece of art depicting a human form in ‘pensive’ mode. The artist uses a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours and geometric shapes to complete the work and though it is a painting, it offers the illusion of an amazing 3-dimensional appearance.

Yoel Benharrouche’s ‘Bouquet de Paradis’

‘Bouquet de Paris’ is a gorgeous lacquer on metal that has won the hearts of art enthusiasts around the world. In this work, onlookers can definitely see the influences of the greats such as Picasso, Chagall and Miro. But they can also see Benharrouche’s signature fresh modern flavor. Using a combination of powerful colours and shades, Yoel Benharrouche has infused natural elements such as leaves and trees into a geometric backdrop. The fusion of different shapes gives the piece a unique and intriguing look and has made it a highly sought-after piece as art lovers around the world long to add it to their collections.

The artworks showcased by this gallery have been described as fresh, innovative, evocative and stunning. London’s Eden Gallery is, without a doubt, leading the charge in removing those barriers that stand between people around the world and the glorious worlds that art opens up to them.


Written by Digital Nod