Frank Iero and The Patience Release New Song From Upcoming Album, ‘Parachutes’

Frank Iero and The Patience have released their new song, “I’m A Mess” from their upcoming album, Parachutes.

The complete track list:

  1. World Destroyer
  2. Veins! Veins!! Veins!!!
  3. I’m A Mess
  4. They Wanted Darkness…
  5. I’ll Let You Down
  6. Remedy
  7. Dear Percocet, I Don’t Think We Should See Each Other Anymore.
  8. Miss Me
  9. Oceans
  10. The Resurrectionist, or An Existential Crisis in C#
  11. Viva Indifference
  12. 9-6-15

Parachutes will be available for purchase on October 28. However, fans can pre-order the album now on iTunes and get the new track “I’m A Mess” immediately.

To promote the new album, Frank Iero and The Patience will be touring around the world. They will be performing all across the United States, and make some stops in Australia.

Frank and Evan Nestor will also have some acoustic sessions, along with meet and greets, in France, the UK, Netherlands, and Germany NEXT WEEK. You can read all of the announcements on Frank’s Instagram.

Frank also released a statement on his website about Parachutes.

Parachutes are life saving devices. We rely on them to bring us back from the brink of death. Whether we fall or jump they are the only things keeping us alive. Such as with life, we are all just falling or plunging to an eventual end, but the love of my family and my ability to create art and music has always been my parachute.The act of living can be random and strange, beautiful and ugly at the same time and the only thing that is undeniably certain is eventually we are all gonna hit the ground. Some of us plummet at an incredible rate and it’s over in a flash, but some of us get saved and are able to enjoy the view for a little while….This album is one of my parachutes. xo frnk.

Listen to “I’m A Mess” now!

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Written by Michele Mendez

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