Frank – The Review

Frank is the cinematic tale of the late and great Chris Sievey, a British singer and comedian who was famous for creating Frank Sidebottom who was famous for wearing a paper-mache head during his performances. The film is loosely based of the memoirs of Welsh author and journalist Jon Ronson with Frank being played by Oscar nominated actor Michael Fassbender. The film explores the struggle Frank’s band, The Soronprfbs, faced in their battle for stardom, the suicide of their manager and how Jon’s input into the band almost caused the death of both himself and Frank.

The film explores the darker side to the music industry and how a lack of inspiration and creativity can lead to bankruptcy and even death. Creativity can come from the darkest places of one’s mind, as proven by Fassbender’s character.

Fassbender and Gleeson

But don’t let us get you under the impression that Frank is a deeply harrowing and frankly tragic film. Well, whilst it is, there are many highly comedic moments coming from both Fassbender and Domhnall Gleeson who plays budding songwriter and blogger Jon Burroughs. All in all, the film is a complete roller-coaster of emotions and features some of the most incredible acting and songs from two of the finest actors in Britain. You can check out one of the songs from the film, I Love You All, bellow and click here to buy it on iTunes. You can also click here to buy Frank on Amazon.

Overall, we’re giving Frank 8/10! We do love Michael Fassbender.

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Written by CelebMix