FRIENDS Reunion or No Reunion ?

True to the tagline ‘Ill be there for you”, a reunion of the six Friends who were there for us for over a decade is much needed. Even though is has become almost over a decade since the show went off air, (the series ran from 1994-2004), the young and the old have not been able to forget the friends.

FRIENDS Reunion or No Reunion ? 2

The dinosaur man Ross (David Schwimmer) who had set the record for broken marriages ; Joey (Matt Le Blanc) who loved nothing  but food; Chandler (Mathew Perry) who had the best comic one-liners and logic; Monica (Courtney Cox) the beautiful chef ; Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) the stunning fashion diva and Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) whose comical logic took the situation to another level – are characters so real that in every group of friends there exists a direct reflection of at least one of them. The characters portrayed and their personalities are highly relatable in real life.

While the series ended on a happy note with Monica and Chandler being married and Ross and Rachel living together raising up their daughter Emma, even after a decade of absence from the television, the audience would like to see them come together. There have been previous rumours about a Friends reunion but the actors and the executive directors have repeatedly denied such a reunion.

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In fact, it is explained that the television show was about that stage of life when one is not settled in their personal lives and needs friends as their family. With each of the Friends protagonists now being settled in their own life at the end of the show there was no need of bringing them together. The Executive Producer, Lisa Kudrow and even Matt Le Blanc  all say that a Friends reunion is out of the question.

The essence of the whole show is the importance of friends in one’s life,  would be ruined if they were to get back together again. While the audience would have loved to see their favourite characters back on screen after a decade but this wish may never  be fulfilled. However, on the brighter side, various channels have got the broadcasting right for the show and one would never run out of enough Friends episodes. The success of the show is in the fact that for decades to come, it would serve as an inspirational show for the young and the old.

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