From making it huge in music to becoming a rising name in the media marketing and crypto space, enter JJ Hannon.

JJ Hannon has taken a brief hiatus from music to focus on growing his social media marketing company, Ivy League marketing, and many other crypto ventures.

It is surreal to see how most of the industries today are run by the relentless hard work, ideas, and commitment of youngsters all over the world. What is even more surreal is how these young talented beings pave their own path to success instead of relying on others or blindly following the crowd. It is thus necessary to throw more light on the journeys and successes of these individuals, who believe in giving it their all in everything they ever choose to lay their hands on. We saw how JJ Hannon did the same, first in the world of music and now in the business world.

JJ Hannon, a New York City native, is the one who initially stunned everyone with his artistic skills in music. All those wondering what he is up to nowadays, let us tell you that he is taking a brief hiatus from music so that he can focus on growing his social media marketing company Ivy League marketing (@ivyleaguemarketing). Not just in the marketing side of things, JJ Hannon is trying to build a robust career in a whole new and emerging industry, the digital financial space. He has already shown his interest in the crypto space and hence is vying to make his mark with crypto ventures in the NFT and crypto world. Even in the past, he had stated how he believes the crypto space to be the future and how he doesn’t wish to be late for the same.

JJ Hannon has also stunned people with his skills in marketing for the NBA players, elevating their online brands, and has even hung out with some of the prominent players like Joakim Noah to current NBA players like Dennis Smith Jr., Alex Antetokounmpo and others.

Apart from his work life, this passionate guy (@jjhannonnn) also made headlines for being in a public relationship in the past year with Instagram model Alexia Garidas, where they showcased their relationship with a couple trip to Hawaii in March of 2022.

Written by Peter Jones