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Gabbie Hanna Drops New Single ‘Honestly’

On August 15th, Gabbie Hanna, also known as YouTube sensation “The Gabbie Show,” dropped a new single, titled “Honestly.” The single is part of a double release that also includes an encore version of the song. This is the star’s third track, after debut single “Out Loud” and follow-up single, “Satellite,” which were both released last year.

According to Hanna, “’Honestly’ and ‘Honestly (encore)’ are songs for anyone who’s ever been manipulated, lied to, gaslighted, or made to feel like they were crazy,” as well as “anyone ever associated with a narcissist.”

Hanna announced the new single a week ago through a through one of her YouTube videos. The video started off as a typical “roast yourself” challenge with Hanna poking fun of herself, before it transitioned into a more serious commentary about fame. It was then at the end of the video where Hanna revealed that she would be releasing new music on August 15th.

After Hanna shared the video to her channel, many fans, as well as other YouTubers, commented their support about the star’s songwriting talent. YouTuber Dodie Clark described the video perfectly: “Poignant poetry on an incredibly relatable yet difficult subject to explain and understand hidden as a mainstream YouTube video.”

This isn’t the first time Gabbie Hanna has been praised for her lyricism. Last year, after the debut release of “Out Loud,” the star released her very first book, titled “Adultolescence.” The book includes a collection of poems and illustrations about the transition from childhood to adulthood. It received positive reviews, mainly for Hanna’s ability to connect with her readers.

And that is exactly what she is doing through her music. Check out fans’ reactions below.

The music video for “Honestly” is set to release sometime around 1PM PST today, August 15.

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Written by Michele Mendez

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