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Gadee Releases New Folk-Pop Single “Shake”

Writer, composer, and arranger, Gadee, aka  Gadee Levy, drops his latest single, “Shake,” the first single from his upcoming album.

Commenting on the song, Gadee shares, “‘Shake’ is a song about hugging the pain and finding the balance between the dark moments and the light moments. You could get too close until it hurts but you could get too far and still get hurt. ‘Shake’ is a message about letting yourself go on the ride of love with the pain and the fear involved. We should still keep shaking with the groove of the waves and fool around under the warmth of the sun while cherishing every moment with pain or joy.”

Gadee has played in various bands and has also worked as a sound engineer, lighting technician, and recording engineer in Israel and New York. In 2018, he was the lead singer, writer, and composer for three bands – Kick the Habit, The Molech, and Mashagane Public.

In 2019, Gadee’s talent was recognized. He was nominated to be an official MTA artist. Along with working in studios throughout New York, Gadee busked in the streets, as well as helping to record celebrated artists. When he began recording his own music, Gadee’s sound fascinated listeners.

During the pandemic, Gadee returned to Israel, where he began assembling all the songs he had recently written into an album. While performing, he caught the attention of Universal Music Group Israel, which signed him to a distribution contract.

“Shake” opens on a thumping kick-drum flowing into creamy, low-slung tones, blending soft rock, country, and bluesy flavors. The measured rhythm imbues the tune with delicious undulating textures, at once warm and dreamily quixotic.

Gadee’s sumptuous voice infuses the lyrics with velvety timbres, permeating the tune with rich, graceful emotions, drenched in passion.

Dripping with balmy aromas and lingering, gentle surfaces, with “Shake,” Gadee evokes silky, floating sensations.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.