GARABATTO & Charlee Muse Team Up For New Single “Infected”

Now we know a lot of great music has been released this week, and it’s difficult to keep up with it all, let alone listen to every single that has been released. However, we highly recommend this infectious new track by GARABATTO and Charlee Muse. This collaboration, titled “Infected”, will certainly become a treasured hit by many.

GARABATTO, real name Javier Falquet, is a Spanish DJ who is changing up dance and house music, creating a whole new sound altogether. Talking about his music, he said: “It’s so unique and it’s kind of a new genre, I would call it slow-mo tropical house.”

The track has been released on Panda Funk, and really allows Charlee Muse’s vocals to shine throughout. Talking about the track, she said: “The vibe behind GARABATTO’s beat gave off dark, but still, light feeling that inspired the lyrical story of trying to fill an empty heart with temporary satisfaction. It was so fun to work with GARABATTO and I love the song so much!”

Listen To GARABATTO & Charlee Muse’s Track “Infected” Here:

This is certainly an unforgettable track. Charlee Muse sounds like she’s channelling Ellie Goulding in her vocals, bringing an ethereal sound that is a beautiful accompaniment to GARABATTO’s eloquent tropical melodies and stunning bassline.

Totally a track that you can’t stop listening to, “Infected” will definitely infect us all as we continue to listen to it on repeat! It’s available to download and stream right now.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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