Gary McSween’s journey from 7k to 7 figures

Gary McSween is a leading entrepreneur. Gary has been a leadership coach at iBelieveVentures. Gary was a young engineer when introduced to the industry of network marketing in 2011.

How the journey started to 7 figures

Gary always had his doubts about motivational tactics and the inspiration people could find in motivational speakers. This was his belief until he attended an event in Dallas, Texas many years ago after meeting the multiple seven-figure earners. David Imonitie, his present mentor.

Within two years, in his first company, he was awarded the “Rookie of the Year.” In his second company, he broke amazing records, being one of the fastest to USD 25,000 per month in residual income. Within 16 months in the second company, he achieved his first USD 1Million.

 Gary McSween went on to build a sales and marketing organization of well over 10,000 customers and IBOs in over 45 countries including, Trinidad, Jamaica, U.S.A, Canada, Nigeria, South Africa, London, Dubai, Netherlands, South America and several Caribbean islands, with annual sales of $24 million.

A piece of advice by Gary

“Make your goals very clear. Then find a coach and mentor who has won in the same field you want to win in. LISTEN to EXACTLY what they say to you to do. DO IT UNTIL YOU WIN. Success is also 90 – 99% mental and 1 – 10 % Skill. If you don’t win the battle in the mind you will not win in the physical. Success in all you do happens in the mind first.” Gary advises.

“I love impacting others, helping them to see that anything is possible through the POWER OF BELIEVING”, Gary said. He looks forward to impacting twenty thousand families through his current opportunity. He wants to teach people how to become digital entrepreneurs. 

Written by CelebMix