Gay Times gets first trans cover star

Gay Times magazine has landed its first ever transgender cover star, introducing Aydian Dowling.

Aydian’s story is an inspiring one. Having struggled with depression and his sexuality and gender identity, he’s now living life the way he wanted to, and shares his story with the magazine.

Speaking about his top surgery, Dowling said: “It was the first time I was going to be ‘put under’ and go through any kind of surgery in my life, and that alone was terrifying… But the joy and feeling of being able to identify more with my body weighed much heavier then anything else.

“The freedom that comes to someone seeking top surgery is one that you’re reminded of every single day you change, shower, run, sleep, swim or just simply put on a tank top.

Gay Times gets first trans cover star 1

You can read more of Aydian’s fantastic story, and see pictures from the shoot, on the Gay Times website.

Written by CelebMix