Gemma Collins: What Does The Fall Really Mean?

The Rise and Falls of Gemma Collins

Gemma Collins; a woman who has become somewhat of a social phenomenon. Despite criticisms of being a diva and unprofessional, she has amassed an army of die-hard fanatics who hang on her every meme-worthy moment, with some dubbing her “the gift that keeps on giving”. But with the eyes of the world watching, what does it really mean to fall so publicly and where can you go next?


This isn’t the first time Gemma Collins has fallen on a big stage. In October 2017 whilst presenting Love Island with an accolade at the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards she fell down a trap door that had opened to reveal the prize winners.

When Gemma fell last weekend, what side did you stand on? Whilst some revelled in the fall of the GC, and some even questioned if it was staged, over at CelebMix we fell on the side of admiration as she pulled herself up once more to do what it is she does best; entertain.

In many ways Gemma Collins is a mirror to the human condition, illuminating the inner nature of audiences, critics and admirers. She is polarising in nature, and indeed a force of nature. Her current engagement on Dancing On Ice has set social media ablaze with heated opinions, including that of Dancing On Ice judge Jason Gardiner who spoke quite frankly and brutally in an article to The Sun. Chastising him publicly in retaliation to negative, arguably fat-shaming comments live on TV she branded the judge “boring” and turned her back.

One of the many things we admire about Gemma Collins is the tenacity of her spirit. Each time she falls, she gets back up. She isn’t afraid to fight back. Sure enough she has caused controversy with event cancellations, reality TV outbursts and relationship dramas but when we look at Gemma Collins we see a woman who shares with all who care to indulge the highs, lows and reality of her world. She is brave in face of adversity, feisty before disdain and fundamentally, she is TV gold.

Written by Jsky

Singer/Songwriter, Fashionista, Editor