George Ezra releases music video for “Don’t Matter Now”

It seems like 2017 is a comeback year for artists. Last year, a lot of artists took a hiatus however, it seems like the vacation period is over for most of them.

George Ezra, who distanced himself from social world for some time, has returned with a new single. On Friday, the “Budapest” hitmaker released the music video for his single “Don’t Matter Now”.

“Don’t Matter Now” is a song for any individual who is feeling overwhelmed by the happenings in the world. The song makes the statement “take some time for yourself” come to life. As Ezra travels around with his dog friend, the emphasis is on the fact that sometimes it’s hard to get involved with the society.

As NME reported, while talking about his new single, Ezra said,

“In time I realised that it wasn’t just me that was suffering from anxiety, it wasn’t just me that was confused, and that there’s no harm in not always understanding what’s going on in the world around you.”

Ezra’s new single carries the old tune that we got a chance to listen to in “Wanted On Voyage”. In contradiction to the subject matter of the song, “Don’t Matter Now” carries a traveller vibe. It makes you feel happy and sad at the same and this seems to be a deliberate choice. A person suffering from Anxiety finds it difficult to register the emotions he/she feels in a particular situation. Ezra is trying to put his listeners into the shoes of people suffering from Anxiety and he does a great job.

The single is lyrically and sonically beautiful. It remains to be seen what more Ezra has in store for us.

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