George Shelley Backs Anti-Bullying Campaign

Former Union J heartthrob George Shelley has proved once again how kind he is, this time by backing the #StandUpToBullying campaign on Twitter.

The kindhearted star who in the past has spoken about his own struggle with being a victim of bullying, is backing the hashtag trend to help young people speak out about being bullied.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror last year the handsome Capital FM presenter spoke out about his childhood struggle with bullying saying:

“They were proper nasty. One head butted me just because I was fat and I was eating some chocolate. 

“The same kid kicked a football at me which broke my wrist. I had to go to hospital and ended up with a cast on it.” 

George also added: “I had to move schools twice because of it. I home schooled myself in the last year because I was going through a lot of issues.” 

The 22-year-old also spoke about how people from his school started getting in touch with him after he found fame with Union J on the X Factor;

“People got in touch, and I was like, ‘Hang on, you used to flush my head down the toilet’. 

“They’re like, ‘Hey do you remember me from school?’ Of course I remember you. You shaped my childhood. 

“But I thank them, because they made me who I am today.” 

Celeb Mix is so happy that George has now found happiness and has moved on from his horrible battle with bullying, but there are still lot’s of people out there who are being bullied on a daily basis but are too afraid to speak out.

The #StandUpToBullying campaign takes place on July 5th to help raise awareness of bullying and to help people who are suffering.

For more information on the campaign and for help with bullying please visit



Written by Laura Klonowski

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