Getting To Know Before You Exit

Before You Exit are an Orlando, Florida-based band who were formed a few years ago. Their name meaning being ‘make a difference before you exit’ which is truly inspirational. The band consists of brothers Connor (vocals/guitar/piano), Riley (lead vocals) and Toby McDonough (vocals/guitar), Ryan Wheeler also plays bass. The band are signed to RCA Records alongside other well known artists such as Foo Fighters, Kings Of Leon, Kelly Clarkson, P!nk and others.

The band have recently just finished supporting The Vamps alongside The Tide on their USA tour. The tour had shows at many states across the USA including Florida, New York and Los Angeles.

The bands newest single is Model, which is available to purchase on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play for £0.99. The song has many beautiful lyrics including ‘Even when you wake-up, laying with no make-up, you’re beautiful.’ The lyrics are really appreciating the natural beauty of females.

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Written by CelebMix