GG Magree unveils a new rock-infused single titled “Deja Reve”

Australian producer and singer-songwriter GG Magree shared a brand new single “Deja Reve” off from her forthcoming EP Dichotomy. The new single represents a unique rock-infused records with elements of dubstep, and strong bassline sound.

Following on her latest single “My Wicked,” GG Magree continues to share her personal stories and delivering meaningful and well-written lyrics. The artist has the uncanny ability to transmit her feelings to the audience thanks to her tender voice and skilled delivery. The vocal performances are polished and well matched with bouncy beats and instrumentals. Displaying her versatile style and dynamic approach, GG Magree fascinates her audience right away.

GG Magree expains the inspiration behind her new release, “Déjà-rêvé translates in French to ‘already dreamed.’ It’s basically the feeling of re-experiencing a dream you’ve had previously but fully awake, almost like a premonition. Some people are freaked out when this happens but to me, it’s so beautiful as you realize you’re more connected to yourself than you think. I wrote “Deja Reve” after an experience I had and the instrumental was extremely inspired by my favorite director, Eli Roth, who wrote and directed the film ‘Hostel.’ My favorite quote of all time is by him — “I’ve always been fascinated by the idea that there’s no such thing as evil; it’s all in your point of view.”

“Deja Reve” is an exceptional single that demonstrates the artist’s talent in full, at the same time keeping the listener engaged all throughout. With many hit singles under her belt, the release of “Deja Reve” is a clear indicator that GG Magree is about to take over the international music scene thanks to her vivid creativity, unique sound, and inspiring form of art.

About GG Magree (press release)

GG Magree is an Australian-born artist whose unique punk rock & bass sound has catapulted her to sold-out shows across the globe; with performances at major festivals including Coachella, Lollapalooza, Firefly, Ultra & more. GG has been sought after for collaborations with some of the hottest producers in music – among them her vocal debut with electronic royalty NGHTMRE & Zeds Dead – a track with over 35 million streams on Spotify alone.

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Written by Magdalena

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