Gia Woods Releases Single & Music Video For “New Girlfriend”

Gia Woods is pretty busy this year! The 22-year-old queer singer just released her second single “New Girlfriend” that dives into one’s sexuality and living unapologetically.

“New Girlfriend” is Wood’s newest catchy anthem sung over a high-energy strung guitar and synths. The quirky lyrics, well-paced storyline and black-and-white simple visuals build with anticipation to a perfectly-timed confession: “I like your new girlfriend more than you.”

Woods teamed up with NYLON to release this provocative yet much-needed anthem. NYLON praises Gia for “serving up the lesbian diss that satisfies all the same petty cravings of Ariana Grande’s “break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored,” and Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend,” but is free of any internalized misogyny.” Throughout the video, there are themes of female empowerment, sexual freedom, and vanishing taboos externally placed on women.

“The video was inspired by ’90s Calvin Klein, and it represents the people that walk in and out of your life in your early 20s: looking for love, making mistakes, and discovering what suits your taste,” Woods said.

In an exclusive interview with Gia Woods, we spoke with her about the recently released single “Jump The Fence” and how it translates in her life. It’s meant to inspire fans to trust your own intuition and drown out the outside noise while following your dreams.

The video features Woods in a clear box speaking about her infatuation with someone and getting negative opinions from people. She stays true to who she is and says, “Imma jump the fence/ Won’t second guess/ ‘Cuz the way ya got me feelin’s/ Got me feelin’ dangerous/ Imma jump the fence/ ‘N say f–k the rest.”

The song that started it all for Gia Woods is “Only A Girl,” a single she used to come out to her family in 2015. The video itself has over 10 million views, which has helped her build a supportive fanbase, and entry into her first LA Pride performance that year.

She’s using her music to share genuine messages that fans can relate with. “I want people to listen to my music and feel empowered—like they can come to me for support,” she said in a press release. “I want to represent for young adults growing up and figuring out who they want to be.”

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Written by Evelin Mercedes

Evelin Mercedes is an entrepreneur with an interest in writing about music. Founder of Music Trails. Instagram: @evelinm_