Gig Review: Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez, or her character Cry Baby, brought down the Cannery in Nashville this week. After having to cancel a string of performances due to Kidney stones, Melanie brought a fierce energy to the stage.

Former Voice contender and current pop-star on the rise, Melanie Martinez has been performing for weeks on an almost entirely sold out tour. Her use of childhood metaphors to represent adult problems brings a dynamic fan base and cult like dedication to her character. The crowd was scattered with dolls in tribute to her first EP “Dollhouse,” as well as fans dressed similarly to Melanie, with split color hair wigs and pastel colors.

She opened with “Cry Baby” the lead song off her debut album with the same name and the audience exploded with excitement. The highs continued with the lead into hit “Dollhouse” and the show progresses in the same order as her album, not skipping a single song.

Another notable moment in the show was “Soap” where the bubble bass drop brought the entire venue to a bounce as the fans jumped in unison. “Sippy Cup,” a song about how disguising problems doesn’t make them go away including the lyric “kids are still depressed when you dress them up,” evoked noticeable emotion from the audience. Love song “Training Wheels” mixed up the high energy with a more chilled out vibe, but hit song “Pity Party” had all the fans back up on their feet dancing.

Melanie has a stage presence larger than her small frame and connected with the packed room like a seasoned professional. She was thrilled to be back performing after her bout of missed shows and it was evident by her energy dancing across the whole stage.

The visuals of the performance were also intriguing, the stage designed like a nursery full with a crib, her band in teddy bear costumes, and large block letters spelling Cry Baby. If anything can be certain, it’s that Melanie Martinez delivers a unique and entertaining live show that cannot be missed. Her album “Cry Baby” is out now on iTunes.

Written by CelebMix