GILSKA Soaks In Emotions As She Stays “Up Till 5” In The New Single

London-born electro-pop musician GILSKA has unveiled her brand new melancholic house track, “Up Till 5,” which dives deep into the spectrum of human emotions and swims across deep waters. “Up Till 5” instantly weaves a sombre, gloomy, and enigmatic ambience led by layers of electronic instrumentation and her hushed vocals.

Lyrically, the song is introspective as it explores the desire to seek transient highs, only to experience numbing lows as the rush of partying fades. The song’s production is smooth yet effective, leaving an impact on the audience with its dance-inducing rhythms, catchy verse and minimal yet mesmerizing chorus arrangements. The single develops into a passionate and hypnotic musical experience you wouldn’t want to miss. With subtle synths framing the textured vocals, it has a dark edge with a haze that wraps around us in a transportive, atmospheric fashion.

Image Source: GILSKA

When asked about the single, GILSKA shares her thoughts! She says,

“It’s almost like being stuck in a loophole of ending up in the club night after night, not knowing why. Having a slight addiction to partying to get that dopamine rush to feel something, but slowly realize night after night it’s not working. How the lights, the drinks, and even the music sucks you in and you always end up feeling that same numbness after a temporary high but you keep on dancing, anyway.”

GILSKA hails from a musical family, so it is not surprising to see that music has run in her veins since the age of nine. She embarked on her musical journey with classical training and carved her way to discovering her sound in edgy pop anthems. Her alluring vocals and sophisticated, savvy lyrics drew listeners into her rich sonic universe, adding a golden feather to her musical trajectory.

She has built an impressive place for herself in dark pop aided by a magnetic stage presence. With her latest release, GILSKA is steadily moving forward on her path to stardom, and there’s no stopping her.

Listen to “Up Till 5” below! 

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Written by Khushboo Malhotra

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