Gina Naomi Baez Drops Magical Pop Single “UNIQUEorn”

Gina Naomi Baez is back with a fun new single “UNIQUEorn.” Yeah that’s right, she’s a unique, unicorn and nobody can rain on her parade of this fierce and inspiring artist. In her latest single, she touches on all things magical and fantastical in her bubblegum-sweet track.

“UNIQUEorn” is about embracing everything individual about yourself, here to stop any self-doubt and reminding us in a fun, vibrant way to keep loving you. Baez will shut down any bitter people with her new single as she sings, “You say mythical creatures are for stories and kings, come a little closer coz you need some sweetener to cut through that bitter.”

Swooping in with confident, glittery entrance Baez sings, “I’m no fantasy got a sparkling personality, sugar coated, still fierce as gun metal.” With a popping energised synth and a clapping tight drum beat, the light production lifts any darkness and sprinkles a little self-love fun into the single. “I’m too magical for you,” Baez states, reminding the haters that she can embrace herself and that everyone else should too. What’s wrong with escaping the crazy world to a more rainbow filled one?

Following her stunning festive single “Christmas Candlelight,” Baez returns to help kickstart the rest of the year with a little magic and confidence. This track is about putting the fun into life again as she shares, “As you get older and reality sets in, it’s hard to keep those dreams bright and alive. You start doubting yourself, your talent, the way you look, are you too different? Are you too Unique? I wanted the music to feel like you were flying through a glittery sky, bouncing cloud to cloud, without a care in the world, sippin’ pink champagne!”

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Written by ChloeRobinson

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