Giorgio Leone IT is out with his new track “Resistance”

He did it again, rising Italian Dj Giorgio Leone IT releases one more track ready to amaze his fans, “Resistance” seems to be exactly what you would expect from the Italian dj, a clear reflection of its style and a mix of italian and taiwanese influences. 

Taken from its homonym EP via Neu Gravity, Resistance seems to be one of the most representative tracks released by Giorgio Leone IT, based in Taipei the Italian is definitely an icon, a leading figure of the Techno and House movement in Taiwan, following the previous tracks released not long ago “Infectious” and “Darkness”.

“My goal is to make people feel these vibrations,unique vibes.

I want them to be led by these dark and hard melodies that create an incredible atmosphere, Resistance is pure energy and it spreads all over the place, creating a sense of disconnection from the real world where everyone listening can feel good, inebriated.” 

Giorgio Leone IT aims to please the audience, he’s an artist that bases his productions on feelings and sensations, his melodies show how much he wants to project the listeners to the next level of pleasure, creating an environment where they can feel safe and free to let themselves go. 

His music is emotional, Giorgio Leone IT puts a bit of his emotions in every track he plays and the result is crystal clear, a series of successful and emotionally intense tracks. 

Listen to “Resistance” here : 

Written by CelebMix