#GirlLove: Lilly Singh’s Important Challenge

On December 28th, YouTuber IISuperwomanII, aka Lilly Singh, released an important video called “The #GirlLove Challenge”.

Lilly began the video by talking about her amount of subscribers. According to her stats, over six million women subscribe to her channel. By using this connection, she has decided to take a stand against girl to girl hate. To do this, she brought in a few other well-known women: Shay Mitchell, Collen Evans, Lindsey Stirling, and many more.

After all these strong, powerful women introduce themselves, Lilly goes back into explaining how real girl to girl hate is. It’s absolutely everywhere, and just like most people, she doesn’t understand why it’s an issue.

The other girls Lilly included then speak up, telling what they see in all women. All of them explain different attributes, but one of the most common ones was “strong”.

Lilly then talks about how women are capable of ending this hate. That if women step up and stop this unnecessary and hurtful harassment, we can completely rid the world of it. Definitely since women are the ones who created the problem.

Lilly’s friends then give possible solutions to this major issue. It’s suggested that women encourage one another and stick up for each other, as all women share an unbreakable bond. Another solution is to realize that women go through a lot of similar situations and crises, and if women allow for it, they can use these issues to connect. Overall, the negative needs to be cut out and the positive needs to replace it.

Lilly gave an important idea – instead of bringing women down, women should be complimenting one another.

Viewers are given an important challenge; spread the girl love. Using social media outlets and the hashtag #GirlLove, Lilly asks for women to compliment and support another women. With this challenge, Lilly is hoping that girl on girl hate will diminish, and girl love will take it’s place.

To top it all off, Lilly has decided that any money she makes from this video will go right to The Malala Fund. The Malala Fund is a worldwide organization that focuses on giving women the education they deserve.

It’s absolutely great to see a woman with such power use it for such good. Lilly could easily not put in this effort, but she chose to. This choice is sure to create a movement, spreading around some much needed girl love.

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Written by Jessica Brown

A college graduate who enjoys watching Supernatural, attending conventions and concerts, taking photos, and writing to the masses. Email me at jesslaurenb@yahoo.com.