Glass Dove Releases Synth-fueled Half-Life Wilderness

Nashville based Glass Dove has unveiled his debut ten-track album and it is a riveting one. Entitled Half-Life Wilderness, the album’s overall theme is one of universal contrast and interpersonal relationship dichotomies. Sonically, the cinematic, synth-fueled full-length showcases Glass Dove’s knack for writing and creating experimental indie tracks with a relatable pop sensibility. 

The album opener, “Just a Conversation”,  is an upbeat indie rock tune all about relationship dysfunction.  From gaslighting, lying and blaming, Glass Dove poignantly narrates a relationship gone awry. With guitar driven soundscapes complete with woozy synths and confident vocals, “Just a Conversation” sets the tone for the complex songs to come. 

Then, there is “Patterns of My Mind”, featuring contributions from local Nashville musicians Liz Cooper, Desert Noises and The Stampede.  The song is a warm and emotive swelling tune which details missing someone who isn’t on the same page as you. The listener can hear the sense of yearning with moody layered vocals calling for connection. “Patterns of My Mind” is the strongest song on the album, taking Glass Dove into a more Americana infused territory while simultaneously blending electronic rock elements, making for an enticing sonic blend. 

With “On My Own”, the listener can hear a strong 80’s synth pop influence. Featuring quirky and colorful landscapes and wildly funky bass, “On My Own” is about  “one man’s voyage through life, heartbreak, misunderstanding, struggles, and ultimately pride in living a full life on “his own,” confides the songwriter. 

Glass Dove is multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter Josh Benus. Aiming to create music that is cathartic to not only himself but his listeners, Glass Dove explores deep existential meaning and conflicts in his music.  With Half-Life Wilderness, the musician teamed up with acclaimed producer Owen Biddle [The Roots, John Legend].  The result is ten compelling songs that make the listener feel, examine and ponder life’s intricacies like never before. 

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Written by Leah

Los Angeles based entertainment writer