Glassio Releases Emotional New Single “Dynamites”

New York based Glassio has just unveiled his latest electronic dipped alternative pop single. Entitled “Dynamites”, the new track is off of his upcoming full length album See You Shine, set for release May 18th. 

With “Dynamites”, the singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist explores the feeling of loneliness. The desire to be able to see someone you can’t see is a difficult and painful one and Glassio so brilliantly highlights this in his evocative new tune. “Dynamites” took on a personal deep meaning with the artist confiding,  “Little did I know that in just a few short weeks I’d be dealing with the hardest loss of my life: losing my father and best friend to COVID pneumonia. The song slowly morphed more and more into a track about having an imaginary conversation with someone who is no longer with you, and your knowledge of their spirit and character being there to help you through things. It’s a very spiritual song to me, and helped me grieve that loss.” The track is an atmospheric and dreamy number filled with warm and rich vocals, swelling synths and downtempo beats.

Glassio is dream pop meets electronic artist Sam R. Being influenced by the likes of The Beach Boys, Massive Attack and Air, the musician crafts infectious songs about emotional existential themes.  

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Written by LeahBlack

Los Angeles based writer / music and animal enthusiast