‘Goat’ Starring Nick Jonas Shows Dangers Of Hazing

Goat is an American drama film that originally premiered in January at the Sundance Film Festival. The film stars Nick Jonas, who plays Brett Land, a fraternity member who convinces his younger brother to join. His brother, Brad Land, is played by Ben Schnetzer. Brad feels pressured to join because he longs to be popular like his brother.

Then, hell week begins.

Brad’s loyalty is put to the test when the fraternity starts hazing its pledges. Brad participates in humiliating events, while his brother encourages him to continue. The movie is based off of the 2005 memoir by Brad Land of the same name. The memoir takes place at Clemson University and the film is filled with disturbing hazing rituals. Unfortunately, dangerous events such as these happen on real-life college campuses.

Goat is sure to set viewers on an emotional, thrilling, and dark journey that brings awareness to the dangers of hazing. Instead of being a comical film about college, this movie has a serious tone with an important message.

James Franco is involved as both a producer and an actor in the film.

Watch the trailer:

Goat is scheduled to be released on September 23 in select theaters.

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Written by Michele Mendez

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