Golden Globes: Film Nominations.

As the 73rd annual Golden Globe awards approach; the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has revealed 2016’s nominees.

Among those announced as the spectacular nominees were Chloe Grace Moretz, Angela Bassestt, Dennis Quaid and America Ferrera. There was a clear advantage for Todd Haynes’ Carol, in the race for the win, as it led all projects with a marvelous 5 nominations!

Other films hot on nominations were The Revenant, Steve Jobs and The Big Short, all with 4 nominations each in the film sector.

The 2016 film and TV extravaganza will take place Jan. 10!  In the mean time, here’s a break down of the film nominations – possibly the highlight of the award ceremony.


Golden Globes, The Nominations. 1

Carol    Revolves around a department store clerk who hopes for a better life and falls for an older and married woman.

Mad Max: Fury Road–  Set in a post apocalyptic Australia, a woman riots against an autocratic ruler while in search for her homeland.

The Revenant– Based on true events and set in the 1820’s, the movie follows frontiersman, Hugh Glass, who sets out to seek revenge against those who left him to dye after a bear mauling, mid quest.

Room–  A boy makes a fantastic discovery of the outside world after his mother and him escape from enclosed surroundings.

Spotlight– A true story of the Boston Globe discovered the child molestation and cover up within the local Catholic Archdiocese.


Golden Globes: Best Film Nominations. 1

The Big Short–  In the world of high-finance, four strangers who foresaw the housing and credit collapse of the mid 2000’s, decide to take on the ‘big ranks,’ for their shortcomings in metal preparedness and their overwhelming greed.

Joy– The tale set across four family generations, Joy follows a woman’s rise in founding a strong family business empire.

The Martian Amidst a manned mission to Mars, Mark Watney is presumed dead and finds himself abandoned on the red planet. Watney must attempt to signal his status to Earth with the very few supplies he has in possession. 

Spy–  An undercover mission carried out by a previously a CIA analyst, penetrates the universe of an arms deal.

Trainwreck–  A ‘commitment-phobic’ woman who presumed that abstinence was virtually impossibly, comes to face her apprehensions after meeting a pleasant boy.


Golden Globes: Film Nominations. 1


Alejandro G. Iarritu -The Revenant

George Miller, Mad Max -Fury Road

Ridley Scott -The Martian

Todd Haynes -Carol

Tom McCarthy -Spotlight

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Written by CelebMix