Who You Gonna Call? – 5SOS Sneak Preview New Girls Talk Boys Single

As fans we all know how 5SOS like to be cheeky when releasing new music and make us work for it. This is just another addition to the never-ending list of secrets. We’ve had lyrics hidden in html codes, things projected on walls and now we’re given pre-recorded message.

The message included a small ramble and chat from the boys about their new song “Girls Talk Boys” which is being released Friday 15th July along with a video. The message also included a small sneak preview of the new song making us very excited.

However, there’s one problem and it’s an important CelebMix PSA – Do not call the numbers from outside the UK or US or you will be hurt by a hefty call charge.

On the other hand if you are from the US or the UK call –

UK- +44 1503 505017

US- +1 323 686 6638

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Written by CelebMix