GOT7 – Eyes On You: Album Review

South Korean boygroup GOT7 have released their mini album ‘Eyes On You‘ and it has the potential to be their biggest release to date.

The JYP boygroup have released a 7 track album, with 6 original songs and one instrumental of the lead track ‘Look’. This is the group’s first release since ‘7 for 7’ in October 2017.

‘Eyes on You’ opens with ‘One and Only You Ft. Hyolyn’. The R’n’B influenced track opens and sets the mood for the album perfectly. Hyolyn’s soft yet powerful voice blends so smoothly with the vocal line of the group, especially when harmonised with Youngjae’s soulful voice and Yugyeom’s unique vocal tone. The pop melodies soften the overall feel of the track, reflecting the lyrics penned by member JB who also co-produced the majority of the album.

Lead track ‘Look’ skyrocketed itself to one of the best lead singles by GOT7 to date. It is evident why this was the chosen track; it is the perfect spring into summer party song. It is not overwhelmingly EDM influenced, so those who aren’t the biggest fan of that genre can still enjoy the song. The rapping style of Mark, Jackson and BamBam slots perfectly into the song, not too forceful but still showing their technique. Overall, it was the perfect lead track choice.

‘The Reason’ takes a slow step back from the bright and upbeat opening of the album. The mid tempo track, penned and co-produced by BamBam, is a sweet love song about the person you are with being ‘the reason’ for the bright days they are having, while also touching on insecurities of the unsure future. Notably, Yugyeom’s soft and unique vocals are a stand out, really making you feel the emotion in BamBam’s lyrics whether you understand Korean or not.

‘Hesitate’ continues on the softer, stripped back direction. The song is built on vulnerability and longing to be with the girl they are infatuated with. Surprisingly on such a soft track it is the rappers who catch your attention, as the switch from their bold rap changes to soft while showcasing their flow. The subtle harmonies and Youngjae’s impressive high note create a beautiful atmosphere for this song.

‘Us’ picks the pace of the EP back up slightly. The intricate and subtle tropical influences mirror the time of the year that this song was released in, and in turn it also becomes a summer track for hanging out with friends on late spring and summer nights. The production, paired with the lyrics, deem it as a more ‘mature’ concept for the GOT7 boys. All in all, it’s a very strong album track.

‘Thank You’ strips things back completely for the last original song on the EP. The track, penned and co-produced by Jinyoung, is a sweet song dedicated to their fan base, the ‘Ahgases’. With only subtle drum beats and soft melodies carrying the track, the vocal line truly shine on the final track, using their higher vocal ranges to emphasise the aura of the fan dedicated song.

‘Eyes On You’ holds a different aura than what was initially anticipated for the album. While GOT7 are more known for their hard hitting, powerful singles such as ‘Hard Carry’ and ‘If You Do‘, the EP has a much softer tone, potentially as an attempt to show the versatility of the group. As a result of their versatile release, this may well engage a new audience and fanbase for the group. While still keeping the upbeat tracks at the forefront of the release, they were able to show the diversity of the rappers and vocalists, and themselves as a unit musically.

‘Eyes On You’ is available worldwide on iTunes and KPOPTown now.

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Written by Ellie Nicholas

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