Grant Gustin and Nick Robinson cast in William H. Macy’s Krystal

Grant Gustin and Nick Robinson have been cast to star in Macy’s upcoming indie-film production “Krystal”.

Grant Gustin is best known for his role as Barry Allen in the CW’s The Flash, while Nick Robinson is famous for his role in the 2015 reproduction of “Jurrassic Park”. William H. Macy, T.I, Felicity Huffman, Kathy Bates and John Leguizamo will also star in the film, with Macy also directing.

The film was written by Will and and will be produced by Rachel Winter and Dan Keston, who have been working on developing this project since 2002. The film is also being financed and produced by Great Point Media.

This will be Grant Gustin’s first feature role since joining the cast of The Flash.

The film is centred around a young adult (Nick Robinson) who meets Krystal, an ex hooker and drug addict, and instantly falls in love. Krystal is seeking help in Alcoholics Anonymous for an additional addiction. In an attempt to get close to Krystal, the young man also joins though he has never drank alcohol.

William H. Macy has recently directed films “Rudderless” (2014), a musical drama, and The Layovers (2015), which is a road sex comedy. This will be Macy’s third film. Winter’s and Keston’s other project, Stealing Cars is set to be released in April.

Filming for “Krystal” begins next month in Atlanta.

Written by CelebMix