Greek Tragedy? My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2: A review

A follow-up from the 2002 ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ this sequel continues to follow the adventures of the Portokalos family. A revelation brings the whole family back together for an even bigger and Greeker Big Fat Wedding.

This rom-com centers on the life of Toula and her family. Toula is a go easy fix everything and do everything for everyone type of person, which has had an affect on her marriage. On top of that she is a slightly obsessed mother- which I’m sure many of us can relate to- who gets WAY to involved in her only child, Paris’ life. Paris feels suffocated and wants to move to a college far away, and her parents try everything to keep her local. Meanwhile Toula’s parents discover that they were never officially married, as their wedding certificate was not signed. Marriage is very important in Greek culture and this is played on throughout the film, with the grandparents trying to marry off their granddaughter to any Greek man going, despite her only being 17!

The film follows the typical wedding planning stages and shows how tuff family life can be on marriages and relationships, while exaggerating the “Greekiness” which is very entertaining to watch. As expected there are obstacles along the way, but you can sense there will be a typical happy ever after at the end.

This light-hearted film is a very easy watch, and if you want a bit of a laugh, it’s worth checking out. However, if you’re looking for a film with a really good storyline, this isn’t the film for you, the plot is pretty basic. But for a cheeky 2for1 cinema date it’s not bad!

Check out the trailer below!


Written by CelebMix