Grey’s Recap: Stakes are high for Alex Karev

After Alex Karev’s tearful arrest last week, viewers can’t even bare to see his life spiral out of control any more. Unfortunately, Thursday night’s episode was not any better.

DeLuca’s lawyer is now pushing for Alex to be convicted of a felony rather than a misdemeanor. Alex has pleaded not guilty to the charges. What is most frustrating about all of this is the fact it all could have been avoided. Jo should have just been honest with Alex from the very beginning. We have seen how much compassion Alex possesses and as doctor who specializes in pediatrics, we know he has a pure heart of gold. So yes Jo, we’re kind of blaming you for Alex’s life deteriorating.

As for the other drama going on in the hospital, Maggie is continuously fantasizing about Riggs. Although she enjoys the hot and steamy parking lot dreams, she decided to ask him out on a date. Meredith obviously tries to be supportive, but it’s difficult when she has clear feelings for Riggs herself.

Baby Harriet is going home, but April isn’t quite ready to be released under doctor’s orders. The fact her little girl left the hospital and she’s stuck there caused her to feel a great deal of anger. April looked at it as she’s losing precious time to bond with Harriet. Jackson tried to explain to her that she has the rest of her life to spend with their daughter and should focus on getting better. April doesn’t want Jackson’s sympathetic words or help because they aren’t together.

Amelia decided to have a housewarming party with hopes to make Riggs and Owen’s friends again. She knows how close they were at one point, observing how happy they were at her and Owen’s wedding. Owen tried to tell her she doesn’t want to rekindle their friendship.

Jo is assigned to work with Amelia and her patients. Amelia got Jo to open up to her about how she is doing. The entire hospital is picking sides and making predictions as if this were two teams going head to head in the Superbowl. After seeing Jo practically on the verge of a breakdown, Amelia asked her to attend the housewarming party she’s hosting so she can get away from the drama in her life for one evening. She also noted that Alex will not be in attendance.

Owen asked Meredith to go to the housewarming party to keep Riggs occupied. This way, he won’t be stuck engaging in conversations with him. He saw how well Meredith and Riggs hit it off at the wedding. Meredith said she can’t, obviously wanting to avoid the tension with Riggs. Maggie swooped in and said she would go in place of Meredith, who then decided she would join Maggie and attend. Hmm, jealousy getting the best of you, Mer?

Speaking of Meredith, she also ran into DeLuca in the elevator and tried convincing him to drop the charges, reminding him that everyone has a call of bad judgement from time to time. This rubbed DeLuca the wrong way, seeing this as Meredith trying to blackmail him.

Alex has been trying hard to focus on his work. He was in charge of handling the case of a young boy named Zack whose appendicitis posed a threat to his new kidney. Meredith told Alex about how poorly the encounter with DeLuca went, then insisted he come to Amelia and Owen’s housewarming party.

Ben noticed something suspicious on Zack’s tests; however, Alex brushed it off because his mind became consumed by the second degree charge and losing everything he has. But, not being on his A game caused Alex to miss a sign that Zack had an infection and needed urgent surgery.

At the Hunts’ party, Meredith warned Riggs that Maggie planned on asking him out. She instructed him to be nice and say no. After their brief encounter, Meredith saw Jo and suggested she talk to Alex as she knows that Jo cares about him. She clarified that she does care, but only about what Alex did to DeLuca.

Jo walked outside and found herself face-to-face with Alex. He apologized for everything, though Jo wasn’t phased. She explained to Alex that he continuously lashes out and hurts people and sure as hell hurt her when he effortlessly called her trash. Sigh, can’t these two just talk their problems out like two normal people?

Back at the hospital, Zack’s condition had gotten worse. When Alex arrived, Bailey refused to let him scrub in. She also questioned Meredith as to why she threatened DeLuca. “There’s no need to go down with him,” Bailey told Meredith, advising her to stop trying to help Alex. Meredith tried to clear the air with DeLuca. She then asked him to help assist her on Zack’s surgery. Before his procedure, Alex told his Zack to be strong, reminding him that “nothing’s as bad as broccoli.”

Bailey took note of Alex’s positive influence on his former patient, reminding her how great of a doctor he is despite this mess. Bailey broke the news to Alex that he cannot perform surgery at Grey Sloan anymore; however, she isn’t going to go as far as to fire him. He will be demoted and start working at the Denny Duquette Clinic.

Jackson knew how upset April has been being in the hospital and away from their daughter, so he Facetimed her to sing Harriet to sleep. Jackson then asked April to move in with him until she was fully recovered. This way, she can have the help she needs. April was hesitant and wanted Jackson to respect boundaries, but told her ex that she’ll think about it. We wish April would stop being so stubborn. After all, Jackson is Harriet’s father!

The episode ended with Jo returning to her and Alex’s loft. Alex is at his pal Mer’s drowning his sorrows in beer and popcorn. Meredith spilled to him that she had sex with Riggs in her car. As she was about to fill him on the love triangle, Maggie arrived home and went straight for the tequila bottle. As expected, Riggs turned her down when she asked him out. He explained that he wasn’t ready to date anyone right now. Meredith tells her half-sister that it is now time to move on. Maggie agreed, until her hope was restored when realizing Riggs said he wasn’t ready to date “right now.” As Alex quickly caught on and exchanged a look with Mer, Maggie declared that she was going to “give it some time.” Yikes, just when Mer thinks she dodged a bullet, she ends up being dug a deeper hole.

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Written by Cayla Masters

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