Hailee Steinfeld’s music video for “Starving” is out

Hailee Steinfeld’s song “Starving” featuring the duo Grey and Zedd was released a few months ago and it immediately became a hit which was pretty evident from its ranking on Billboard. The song is already one of top 40 tracks on Billboard Hot 100 and we wouldn’t be surprised if it became one of the top 10 tracks.

Since its release, fans have been waiting for a music video and the much-awaited video is finally out! Hailee Steinfeld, like always, has done an impressive job and she’s looking stunning in the video.

The song expresses the loss of innocence and getting vocal about desires. The song also talks about love and desires in a really positive way.

“Starving” is about a person who has finally met someone whose presence seems eternal like he/she was always there. In short, it is a song about beautiful transition a person goes through when he/she is in love.

When asked in an interview, Steinfeld described “Starving” as a song about “sort of knowing someone, or getting to know that certain someone, to the point where even though you were somebody before that person came along, they have given you this whole new outlook on yourself and on life. It’s this idea that since you came into my life everything is different, and I didn’t know that it could be this different since you came into my life.”

Check out the video here:

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