Promotional photo for "This Is Love" EP which sees Hallie posing to the right of the image, in front of a bungalow brick building. Her orange hair is tied up in ponytails and she is wearing a white jacket.
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Hallie releases indie-pop-rock debut EP “This Is Love” touching on the crushing sadness of the end of a relationship

We have brand new music from Hallie and this time it is the release of their debut EP titled “This Is Love”. The EP contains a total of six tracks including their latest releases “Do It” and “Love!” with the focus single from the EP being “Shift The Focus”.

Hallie (she/they), full name Hallie Tait, is an up-and-coming singer, songwriter, and producer who has made a name for themself with their off-kilter indie rock anthems. With a focus on exploring the fluidity of emotions, identity, sexuality, and gender, Hallie’s music is a reflection of their life experiences. She has a natural talent for writing clever lyrics, crafting infectious melodies, and performing with an unapologetic pop charm. Hallie’s exceptional stage presence and excitable charisma have earned them recognition and opportunities to tour with established artists like Spacey Jane, Mallrat, Stella Donnelly, and Didirri. Their 2021 single “Babysitter” was even nominated for a Queensland Music Award in the Best Rock category. With upcoming tour dates in Australia with Teenage Dads, Hallie is definitely an artist to watch. Hallie’s bold and relatable storytelling, combined with her musical talent, earned them recognition as a Triple J Unearthed feature artist after winning the Triple J Unearthed Bigsound Competition in 2019. With their unique and fresh perspective, Hallie is destined for a bright future in the music industry.

Talking about their debut EP, Hallie said: “‘This Is Love’ is about my journey with love; falling out of love, dealing with heartbreak, and navigating queer love, polyamory, openness and reframing relationships in a way that feels healthy and authentic to me. These songs were pinnacle parts of that journey for me, as I was working out what love looks like for me, away from all the social expectations and noise. Often I would go into writing these songs feeling confused and lost. ‘Labelless’ is the perfect ending to this EP because it shows how through self-reflection, I can have a healthy connection to my queerness and openness. The process of writing ‘This is Love’ was also one of the most healing experiences creatively. I have never felt so in control and connected to my music. My journey with discovering my sound has meant learning to choose my authentic self over others’ opinions. I am my own biggest fan, to be honest, and I didn’t know I would ever be able to feel that. I hope when people listen to ‘This is Love’, they can experience the many facets of love and reflect on what love looks like for them!”

Stream “This Is Love” the debut EP by Hallie on Spotify here:

All songs on the “This Is Love” EP were written and produced by Hallie Tait and Oscar Sharah, with “Shift The Focus” having an additional songwriting credit from Abby Kenneally. “Do It” is the opening track and it really showcases Hallie’s indie-pop style that progresses into indie-rock as the song continues. Their voice is magnetic and really allows them to showcase their rock vocals over the top of this indie-pop-rock, whilst also bringing a bit of depth and passion, especially as she showcases their vocal runs and their ability to hit those high notes. This is followed by “Love!” which continues their indie-rock theme as Hallie takes on a darker tone as their lyrics delve into the feelings within a relationship. The third track is “Shift The Focus” which seems to tone it down a bit, bringing a more mainstream pop style to the EP with Hallie easily impressing with their vocal range. The song’s lyrics really strike a nerve as they sings about the end of a relationship and coming to terms with that. This stands out amazingly on the “This Is Love” EP as the backing track mixes well with Hallie’s crisp vocals, fully allowing them to shine whilst also taking its moment during unforgettable instrumentals.

The EP takes on a more indie-pop style towards the end, fully showcasing Hallie’s versatility. “Love a Lot Interlude” is a one-minute track that separates the final track from the rest of the EP whilst also showcasing who Hallie is as an artist. The highly-produced track intrigues the listener and builds up anticipation for the final song. “Labelless” ends the EP with a softer tone, making Hallie’s vocals even more clear with the determination to get the message of the lyrics across as she sings about how much in love she was and how the ending of a relationship can be both incredibly sad but also needed.

This EP delves into a variety of themes but focuses on the end of a relationship in a mutual way due to them no longer feeling the same way as they initially did about each other. It’s an incredibly sad process to go through, especially when you both come to terms with the fact that it isn’t working anymore. Hallie used all that crushing emotion and transformed it into her debut EP “This Is Love”, which is a stunning collection of indie-pop-rock tracks that are highly relatable and allow them to showcase their vulnerability and turn it into a strength.

Stream our favourite song from the EP “Labelless” on Spotify here:

“This Is Love” EP by Hallie is available to download and stream right now, across all platforms.

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