Halo Circus Releases Music Video for "Band-Aid"

Halo Circus Releases Music Video for “Band-Aid”

After eight years since Allison Iraheta has been on Season 8 of American Idol, a lot has changed. Rather than being a solo artist, Allison decided to be in an alternative rock band (Halo Circus) which features herself as well as Matthew Hager and Brian Stead. Since releasing their debut album Bunny last year, the band has recently released a new music video for “Band-Aid” off of their upcoming EP titled The East Lansing Sessions.

Allison exclusively told Yahoo, “This video was shot entirely in Taft, California, one of the 30 cities that brought us to their town last fall on our first-ever fully crowdfunded American tour. We wanted to capture our experience, both visually and emotionally. When we were driving through the country and staying in people’s homes, it was very clear to us that this is not a divided country. What we saw were good people dazed by hard times and towns struggling for the dignity of better days. We have no political agenda or affiliation. Our agenda is love.”

With lyrics like, “I couldn’t save the world today / It’s not like I don’t care,” and “We want a revolution,” you can feel the emotion within each word. And that’s what Allison wants you to feel while listening to Halo Circus, emotion. When it comes to the band’s music, it’s all about the honesty. The rawness of their music may be inconvenient to some, but according to Allison, they continue to attract the believers.

Although the EP comes out May 5th, you can pre-order The East Lansing Sessions on HaloCircus.com NOW.

Till then, check out the video for “Band-Aid” below:

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