Halsey drops two new singles “Finally//Beautiful Stranger” and “Suga’s Interlude”

Halsey has dropped two singles with one of them accompanying a music video. The Nightmare and Graveyard hit-maker announced via social media that she would soon drop new music and to everyone’s surprise, a collaboration with Suga from BTS was revealed. The tracks are a part of her upcoming studio album “Manic”, which will also include Graveyard, Clementine, and Without Me.

Below are the details and our interpretation of the tracks revealed: 

Finally// Beautiful Stranger

As a standalone single, Finally//Beautiful Stranger must be lauded for its vocal perfection, lyrical brilliance, and beautiful production. The single’s release is accompanied with a music video that showcases two phases of the protagonist. This detail is important for the listener to appreciate Halsey’s capability as a songwriter. 

Talking about toxic relationship in her single “Graveyard” and betrayal in “Without Me”, the single weaves a narrative, deeming her love interest as beautiful strangers who ironically, often brings a tragic fate in her life. 

Expressive of her feelings for another stranger, she shares her urge to resist. This time, she is cautious. The protagonist has grown and now as she admits love in her life, she shares the hope for creating a relationship that is ‘safe’. For listeners, the single carries an important message – ‘get out of places that hurt you’.

SUGA’s Interlude

With BTS, ‘expected’ is not the term you’d want to associate them with. While the group and Halsey have time and again shown love and respect for each other, the materialization of this relationship as another collaboration, though organic, came as a pleasant surprise. 

The track “Suga’s Interlude” is the rapper’s insight to Ashley’s reflection. Navigating through the dilemma of interest and disinterest, both the artists question the life of an artist post-fame. What should drive them? Also, what should stop them? 

Halsey has a history of using art to ask questions that affects her as an individual and questions about things that affect everyone. Her latest work seems to comment on the meaning of happiness and how it cannot be defined singularly for everyone. In his own mixtape ‘AGUSTD’, Suga talked about his yearning for success and his reflection on the journey he would need to undertake to achieve his goal, accompanied with many unpleasant repercussions.

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