Halsey Releases Teasers for “Colors” Music Video

In January, Halsey announced that the next single from her first album Badlands was going to be “Colors” by using graffiti art on a wall in Brooklyn, New York.The creative reveal caused a lot of buzz about what to expect from the music video. After waiting in anticipation from the initial announcement, Hasley tweeted a teaser of the “Colors” music video on February 19th which you can watch here!

The video features what appears to be a high school couple. Half of the couple is played by Halsey herself who’s sporting an almost white bob and her counterpart is someone who seems very familiar. That’s right! Her other half in the music video is Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey.

Another surprising twist to the teaser is that “Colors” is not playing in the background of the short video. Instead, another song off of the Badlands album called “Strange Love” is playing. Halsey has not revealed why there is a change in song for the teaser videos, but nonetheless it is an enjoyable song.

Now after seeing a snippet of the video and who was cast as a lead, we didn’t think it could get more exciting. However, we learned to never underestimate Halsey as she tweeted another teaser for the video earlier today which you can watch here! She also reveals the release date for the video which is February 25th. Again, her song “Strange Love” is playing instead of “Colors”. Halsey finally answered our burning question which is why she changed the song for the short Twitter videos and she responded to a fan saying “It will make sense eventually.”

Just when you think you know what’s going on, Halsey creates another mystery and even more anticipation for the music video! Tyler and Halsey seem like a great match for the video as they exchange flirty glances in the quick scenes of the trailer, but what will unfold between the couple in the video? You can listen to the song below and come up with some predictions.

Are you excited for the music video and can you guess what’s going to happen in it? Let us know what you think in the comments below or tweet us @CelebMix!

Written by CelebMix