Happy Birthday Kai From EXO!

Kai and D.O. both EXO members share the same month birthday but Kai’s slightly younger than his good friend just two days apart!

Happy Birthday Date Kai! 1

Kim Jongin (Kai is his stage name) is the main dancer of the music group. He fell in love with dancing after seeing ‘The Nutcracker’ when he was a little kid. He has danced ballet and jazz since then but one day the SM Entertainment discovered him so Kai learned Hip hop and trained for five years before he finally debuted with EXO.

Happy Birthday Date Kai From EXO! 1

Happy Birthday Date Kai From EXO! 2

Kai has been in 12 of the 23 EXO teasers. He’s well-known as ‘The dancing machine’ thanks to the ability he owns to express the music he listens and reflect it like a mirror to the outside in beautiful moves. He says he puts his heart and enjoys so much doing what he does for a living. Even though he has delivered rap lines in some of the EXO’s songs he would like to improve his singing skills.

Jongin has not filmed any drama until now. He will start a ten-minute web drama this month. He has never acted apart from the ‘EXO Next Door’ series drama.

We are looking forward to seeing more about him so stay tuned!

EXO fighting!


Here we drop off one of his solo teasers. Enjoy!

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