Happy Birthday Avril Lavigne

Today, 27th September, marks the day of the 32nd birthday of Avril Lavigne. She’s the Canadian female singer we all adore.

Avril Lavigne celebrated her birthday with her family and friends. She had a joint birthday cake with her cousins Stacey and Bernie. She expressed how her cousins look like her because their fathers are identical twins.



She has released five studio albums and 23 singles. Unfortunately, she has never had a UK number one single, but her first three albums have reigned supreme at the top of the UK albums chart.

Her latest album was the self-titled “Avril Lavigne” released in 2013, so it’s been a long wait for album number six. We haven’t had new music since “Fly” which was a charity single for The Avril Lavigne Foundation in support of the 2015 Special Olympics World Summer Games. However, in an iHeartRadio Twitter takeover, she revealed this:

Recently, she has been adding designs to her Abbey Dawn collection, which included onesies. They have been available to buy from the official store since 16 August 2016.

Not only that, but she has a major role in 2017 computer-animated film Charming. She will be playing Snow White in this comedy musical film, alongside Demi Lovato, Sia, G.E.M. and Ashley Tisdale. Just imagine the soundtrack! Expected to be released on 27 April 2017, this is a film we don’t want to miss.

To celebrate her 32nd birthday, we have decided to rank all 25 of her music videos. We hope this will keep you occupied until she releases something new. Hopefully, it’ll be as amazing as these songs are.

25. Fly

Directed by Avril Lavigne and Robb Dipple, this video is certainly not the worst video. Avril Lavigne performs in the studio whilst scenes of the Special Olympics World Summer Games are intercut. All of her videos are so good that this unfortunately comes last. All proceeds from this single contributed to the work being done by The Avril Lavigne Foundation.

24. Girlfriend Remix (feat. Lil Mama)

Directed by R. Malcolm Jones, this video is a pure performance piece, but it’s nothing on the original music video. However, this is probably one of the best remixes ever done!

23. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

Directed by Marc Lostracco, this music video is pretty similar to “Fly”, but it allows the viewers to understand the message behind the song and the reason Avril Lavigne covered this Bob Dylan song which was made famous by Guns N’ Roses.

22. The Best Damn Thing

Directed by Wayne Isham, this music video is another pure performance piece. Avril Lavigne is dressed as a cheerleader which definitely coincides nicely with the song. The single wasn’t promoted enough to fully make an impact and people soon forgot about it.

21. He Wasn’t

Directed by The Malloys, this performance-based music video shows Avril Lavigne’s personality off perfectly. She rocks out with her band and has a little fun too.

20. Goodbye

Directed by Mark Liddell, this video was the last music video for her fourth studio album “Goodbye Lullaby”. There’s not much to the video, but it’s a great way to say goodbye to this album. It was Avril Lavigne’s way of saying thank you to her fans and to complete album number four.

19. Alice

Directed by Dave Meyers, this music video sees Avril Lavigne enter Wonderland. Following in Alice’s footsteps she meets The Mad Hatter. This song was released as part of the soundtrack to Tim Burton’s film Alice In Wonderland and appeared on the soundtrack album “Almost Alice”.

18. Losing Grip

Now this is where it gets hard, because every video is worthy of being the best. This music video was directed by Liz Friedlander and sees Avril Lavigne become one of her fans at her own concert in a doppelganger kind of way. Just a brilliant concept.

17. Hello Kitty

Directed by Hisashi Kikuchi, this video received a lot of controversy which gave it a tonne of YouTube views. The song was influenced by her obsession with Hello Kitty, a Japanese brand. This concept was turned into a music video.

16. I’m With You

Directed by David LaChapelle, this music video literally translates the song into a perfect music video. The song takes us back to our youth.

15. My Happy Ending

Directed by Meiert Avis, this video shows the relationship between Avril Lavigne and her on-screen lover. With a great performance piece too, this one is easily relatable to the song.

14. Hot

Directed by Matthew Rolston, it is mainly a performance piece that Avril Lavigne rocks. It’s hard not to like this song and it’s accompanying music video.

13. Nobody’s Home

Directed by Diane Martel, this is a great narrative and performance music video. Relating perfectly to the lyrics. We see Avril Lavigne rough and living on the streets, whilst looking gorgeous in an old-fashioned styled performance visual.

12. Don’t Tell Me

Directed by Liz Friedlander, the video portrays the lyrics perfectly. Mainly a performance piece set in a narrative, this video is another great one from this birthday girl.

11. Complicated

Just missing out on the top ten, The Malloys directed this music video. This was Avril Lavigne’s debut song and music video, and it really showed her off as an artist. It relates to the song, but just doesn’t cut it compared to the videos that follow.

10. Wish You Were Here

Directed by Dave Meyers, this highly emotional song is recreated in a visually heartwrenching music video. Avril Lavigne puts her heart and soul in the song and the music video.

9. Give You What You Like

This music video has clips of Lifetime TV movie Babysitter’s Black Book. Avril Lavigne still gives a great performance considering she was suffering at the time of this music video footage, she later found out that she had Lyme Disease. The song was supposed to become the fifth single from her self-titled album.

8. Sk8er Boi

Directed by Francis Lawrence, this was the follow-up to “Complicated”. It’s an unforgettable music video, with Avril Lavigne rocking her sk8er chick style. The song is very story-based.

7. Here’s To Never Growing Up

Directed by Robert Hales, the music video brings it back to school. Avril Lavigne and her fellow class mates run riots around the school whilst performing at the school dance.

6. Rock N Roll

Directed by Chris Marrs Piliero, this is known as one of her most bizarre music videos. Danica McKellar, Billy Zane and Sid Wilson all appear in the music video. It takes ideas from 1995 cult film Tank Girl; it also features many references, from Avril Lavigne’s previous hit “Sk8er Boi” to Guns N’ Roses’ music video for “November Rain”. This is a complete bizarre package of a video.

5. When You’re Gone

Directed by Marc Klasfeld, this emotional music video really pulls at the heartstrings. The song in itself is upsetting, but they outdid the song by transforming it into this beautiful and heartbreaking music video.

4. What The Hell

Directed by Marcus Raboy, Avril Lavigne’s love interest, played by Spencer Hill, chases her wherever she goes. She no longer wants to be a good girl, so what the hell?

3. Let Me Go (feat. Chad Kroeger)

This is our personal favourites, directed by Christopher Sims, the video is a great performance piece with a narrative behind. It’s cute, it’s sad and it’s effortlessly strong. This is a must watch, especially on repeat.

2. Smile

From a sad music video, to an upbeat and positive one. Directed by Shane Drake, this video has a solid performance scene, but a brilliant narrative scene. Watch as Avril Lavigne picks up the broken hearts of people in the street, bringing a smile to their faces.

1. Girlfriend

You all knew this was coming, we all knew this was coming. The MOST iconic Avril Lavigne music video HAS to be number one, there’s just no other place for this music video to be. Directed by The Malloys, who also did “Complicated”, this music video has everyone talking about it. It’s her biggest song to date and it’s the music video everyone thinks about whenever her name is mentioned.

Watch her as she plays two different girls, one is a good girl and the other is a rebellious girl. The latter attempts to steal the good girl’s boyfriend in some plain evil ways. There is also a sexy performance piece where Avril Lavigne looks stunning. Comical, engaging and brilliant. This deserves to be known as her best music video, regardless of how many amazing music videos she has already released.

Here at CelebMix, we wish Avril Lavigne an amazing happy birthday, filled with love, family, friends, fun and lots of smiles.

If this took you back, you may not have to wait too long for new music, but for the time being why not try out our Avril Lavigne quiz.

What is your favourite music video from this Canadian superstar? Let us know on Twitter @CelebMix, and don’t forget to wish @AvrilLavigne a Happy Birthday too.

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