Single Review: Matthew Koma – Hard to Love

Matthew Koma has recently released a wicked new autobiographical track Hard to Love’, and we recommend that you get in on the hype.

Matthew Koma is a Grammy award-winning artist known for his EDM style music. He is also famously known within the music industry for working behind the scenes on Zedd’s song ‘Clarity’. If you’re still not convinced that you’ve heard the name Matthew Koma (and we know that you totally have) then you might recognise him as the voice to Tiesto’s hit track ‘Wasted‘. ‘Wasted’ was a hit in the UK Charts, according to the official charts website. It was in the Top Ten category for two weeks, so you’ve most definitely heard Koma’s fab vocals!

Hard to Love‘ is anything but, it’s an awesome single. Autobiographical in style, due to some deeply personal lyrics, the track has a narrative tone to it. The songwriting has definitely come from the heart on this one.

Like an ear worm, this song will be embedded in your head as you workout, relax or go to work and school. It’s the perfect song for any occasion with chill out vibes and motivational push to it.

We’ve done the math here and according to our calculations: Matthew Koma + Pop Lyrics  ÷  Electronic Music = PERFECTION.

Most recently, Matthew has Tweeted from his Official Twitter page about the release of 5 ‘Hard to Love’ remixes by various artists and all remixes are insane tracks you simply can’t miss out listening to.

We can tell just how much Matthew has evolved musically, if you listen back to his previous work, such as ‘One Night‘ which was released in 2006, you can absolutely hear his musical talent progression in comparison to ‘Hard to Love‘. We’re not saying his previous work is bad, we’re just here to acknowledge and appreciate success and progression!

Check out the audio for Matthew Koma’s hot new single ‘Hard to Love


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Written by CelebMix