Hardwell shares new single ‘BLACK MAGIC’ and announces the upcoming album ‘REBELS NEVER DIE’

Dutch DJ, record producer and remixer Hardwell shared his latest piece of work titled ‘BLACK MAGIC.’ The new single follows up on tracks dropped earlier this month: ‘BROKEN MIRROR’, ‘INTO THE UNKNOWN’ and ‘F*CKING SOCIETY.’

All of the new pieces signalled a steering change in direction that took fans back to Hardwell’s darker, underground roots. Hardwell recently shared the announcement of a new collective body of work: an album named ‘REBELS NEVER DIE,’ and a world tour of the same name.

With a melodic keynote loop taking the lead, walking us into the techno-leaning environment, ‘BLACK MAGIC’ pulsates, twisting and turning with glistens of synths that are offset by weighty, rumbling punches and sub bass. As the provocative, attitude-adjacent female vocal declares  “my skin starts to burn up” and asks “What kind of voodoo do you do?”, it’s a raw yet irresistible addition that injects the club-ready, early-hour rhythms with a slick edge.

Come the second half of ‘BLACK MAGIC’, Hardwell’s platinum production style brings a cinematic breakdown, leaning to the more minimal styles of techno, before shooting right back of the Richter Scale with a vengence, tight, syncopated loops and backbeat snares that sound crisp and abbrasive, holding the audiences’ attention with no apologies given for a classy, futuristic sequence.

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Written by Magdalena

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