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Harry Shum Jr. Shares Favourite Cory Monteith Memory

Yesterday (13th July) was the 3rd anniversary of Cory Monteith’s death. Friends and family took to social media to share a photo and said a few words.

Harry Shum Jr. took to his Snapchat (harryshumjr) as well as his Instagram to share a story about Cory that obviously holds a huge place in his heart.

“So here’s my favourite Cory Monteith memory, there’s a lot of them but here’s my favourite one. It was Superbowl 45, Packers were playing the Steelers and Glee was airing a special episode right after the Superbowl. They put us on the jet with Christian Slater, Hugh Laurie and other PR peeps. So we found Wifi on the plane, and he decides to try this app, I forgot what it was called but it was one of the first live streaming apps. So Cory proceeds to record and give a tour of the plane to fans and Hugh Laurie was sleeping, he was knocked out cold on the seat and Cory somehow starting filming him sleeping. Hugh wasn’t too happy about that and Cory definitely heard it when we got off the plane. I mean, c’mon, no one wants to be live streamed with their mouth open, asleep, on a plane. Then when we got off the plane, we got in to a car and traffic was horrendous, it took us about 2 and a half hours to get to the stadium. So we’re stuck in traffic and we see these girls selling these girl scout cookies so Christian and Cory, they ended up getting out of the car while we was stuck in traffic and buying a bunch of girl scout cookies, and the girls and the moms, they freaked out and Cory was really nice to take pictures with them and definitely made their day. So there was three or four cars going with us, a lot of our cast mates and other people from FOX were stuck in traffic, and of course Cory being the sweet guy he was he bought a whole bunch of girl scout cookies and made sure that each car had about three different types of cookies each. Then we finally get there and we meet up with all the other FOX talent and a lot of our Glee cast-mates and then it’s time to go to our seats or the suites that they had ready for us so we all started walking as a group. So Cory and I really needed to go to the bathroom halfway there and we was almost three quarters of the way there, so some of the cast mates wait for us and the rest kind of go off on their own and we somehow lost them when we came out, now just to get some context, this is Super Bowl and it’s super crazy and there’s hundred of thousands and thousands of people, so it was a mad house and you know we had caretakers that were supposed to take us to certain places and we lost them and then one of the stadium reps see us and they recognise us, I think she was like an intern and she says “oh I think you’re supposed to come in here, in to this suite”. We have no clue we follow her and we go in to this suite thinking that’s where everyone was and then we look around and we don’t see anybody that we know. We look to the left, there’s John Madden, we look to the right, there’s Warren Buffett, there’s George Bush straight across from us, we see Jamie Foxx, John Travolta is right behind us, Michael Strayhan, we were in Jerry Jones’ box. Now we were definitely the youngest people there and we definitely did not belong there because no one of our cast was there, no one from FOX was there, then I looked over at Cory and I saw a big grin on his face and his eyes was definitely saying ‘lets have some fun’. We talked to everyone like we belonged there, anticipating at any moment that we were going to get kicked out. The funniest part was when he took a picture with George Bush and he tweeted it out and within seconds he got so much hate tweet because you gotta think he was a Canadian and he was meeting a former president that wasn’t well liked. Then eventually the game started and they sweeped the whole place and we were kicked out but we looked at each other and said ‘let’s not tell anyone, let’s just say that we got lost’ and then it was our little secret, our getaway secret and it was good times. Then we went back and reunited with everyone else and that’s my Cory story, I miss the guy and he made good times great.”

What a lovely story to share with the fans! Thank you Harry, we definitely needed that to make us smile!

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