Harry Styles is on tour again, and we’re crying, but in a cool way

Harry Styles resumes world tour in Basel, Switzerland.
Harry Styles resumes world tour in Basel, Switzerland.

Overwhelmed fans, a brand new setlist, and a custom Gucci suit – that’s how we would summarize Harry Styles’ first concert from the HARRY STYLES: LIVE ON TOUR at Basel, Switzerland.

Styles’ two-part debut world tour, which lasted from September till November 2017, began again on March 11th, 2018 and the fans couldn’t love it more. Fan packages included an exclusive Polaroid Book consisting of grainy but cozy looking polaroids of Harry and his supporting band, guitar picks, wristbands, hoodies, and several other new additions to his collection of merchandise, most items emblazoned with a phrase now common to the fandom: Treat People With Kindness.

Harry’s catchphrase, Treat People With Kindness, is now common in the fandom


Upon entering the arena the fans were greeted with a new stage set up – the main stage, a ramp, and the B Stage (which was correctly predicted as the encore stage). As several fans live-streamed the concert through Twitter, Instagram, and FaceBook, we got the chance to see his unique intro – an animated pair of hands (clearly Harry’s, we know those rings) solving a Rubix cube, which was quickly renamed a “Hubix cube” to make it more Harry-esque.

The “Hubix cube”

Harry, who was recently announced as the new face of Gucci, strutted out on stage in a sparkly black suit, custom-made by the brand, and opened his concert with the upbeat song Only Angel from his self-titled debut album that was released in May 2017.

He performed many other songs from the album, along with covers of Stockholm Syndrome and What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction, Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart by Ariana Grande and his noteworthy rendition of The Chain by Fleetwood Mac that won him an iHeart Radio Award this weekend for Best Cover Song. The first surprise of the night was when he played Medicine (listen here: https://soundcloud.com/theharrysource/harry-styles-medicine-live), a song that never made it to the album and fans watching everywhere just near combusted. The song leaned heavily towards his rock influences, and if fans caught their breath during this one, they definitely about lost it when he played another unreleased song – Anna (listen: https://soundcloud.com/theharrysource/harry-styles-anna-live)

Harry twirled through the crowd (literally!) to the B Stage for his encore that included Sweet Creature and a raw, stripped down acoustic version of If I Could Fly (listen: https://soundcloud.com/theharrysource/harry-styles-iicf-live), a song from One Direction’s Made In The A.M., their last album released before the band went on hiatus.

Apart from showing his support for the LGBTQ community while waving pride flags and the flag of Switzerland, he also encouraged people to end gun violence with stickers on his guitar.

All in all, his concerts are always an emotional rollercoaster that definitely live up to the hype and leave his supporters all around the world proud about the safe haven that is Harry Styles: Live on Tour. He ended the night with thanking his supporting band and the audience, calling all the fans his favorites. The feeling’s mutual, Harry – you’re our favorite, too.

Written by Mahek Chacha

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