Harry Styles’ Music Video for ‘Kiwi’ has it all: Puppies, Kids, and an Epic Baked Goods Battle

When Harry Styles’ debut solo album dropped, fans had a lot to say about every song on the tracklist. There were tears, there were moments where you couldn’t help but yell ‘yaaaasssss’ and there were even those songs that made you throw your hand up towards your chest and nod your head slowly. It was an emotionally charged album and it’s hard to listen to one song and not have some type of physical reaction.

The same is true for Styles who goes absolutely insane on stage during one song, and that one song is our personal favorite, and the favorite of many fans, too. That ‘she worked her way through a cheap pack of cigarettes’ and ‘it’s New York baby, always jacked up’ song never gets old, and he called it…of all things…Kiwi.

The tune also talks about someone having ‘your’ baby but it’s none of ‘your’ business, so clearly, it’s not one of those songs there’s a clear single piece of motivation for. Instead, it is the perfect song for nights out taking shots or dancing in the car while you’re on your way anywhere or getting ready in the morning because, for some reason, it makes you feel totally awesome.

The video is just as abstract as the concept for the song itself. Some fans love that and others are sitting around a bit confused. The promo leading up to the video was perfect and we expected every aspect of it except one. The puppies!

Now, it could easily be a fun play on his role in Dunkirk, and because he doesn’t like guns or battle, why not throw cupcakes and have puppies to clean up the mess? Maybe it’s a bit ironic in the sense that he’s always given the role of this sexed-up rockstar but he’s not going to embrace that persona unless he damn well wants to. It’s most definitely an homage to his days as a baker, because of course it is.

Oh, and little Beau who is Harry’s mini-me is totally everything and we have a soft spot for Darmani too because we’re certain he yells ‘oh fudge’ seconds before the cake battle and he owns that suit,

The thing is, the video doesn’t have to make sense to you, to us, or to anyone. However, the universal thing that does resonate with everyone? Harry looks incredible in Gucci suits and that smirk at the end made our knees a little weak.

We know you can relate.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.