Hayley Kiyoko Releases Debut Album, ‘Expectations’

Hayley Kiyoko has released her debut album, 'Expectations'

Hayley Kiyoko has finally released her highly anticipated debut album titled, ‘Expectations’ and you need to hear it!


Hayley Kiyoko, aka the Lesbian Jesus of Pop Music, has released her debut album, ‘Expectations’ after high anticipations from fans and critics alike. The debut album from Kiyoko comes after previous singles, ‘Sleepover’, ‘Feelings’ and ‘Curious’, all of which are featured on the album.

‘Expectations’ is also a follow-up to Kiyoko’s ‘This Side of Paradise’ EP and ‘Citrine’ EP, which were released in 2015 and 2016 respectively. In between releasing the two EPs, Kiyoko managed to score a record deal with Atlantic Records, which has helped her to work on and release her debut album that all we now know and love as ‘Expectations’.


‘Expectations’ has been available for pre-order since January 2018, when Kiyoko unveiled the album’s artwork, with a tracklist not revealed until weeks prior to the release date. Upon unveiling the ‘Expectations’ artwork, fans were quick to praise Kiyoko for making such an artistic cover for the debut album.

Due to the new year just beginning and Hayley Kiyoko’s reputation as the ‘Lesbian Jesus’, 2018 quickly became known #20GAYTEEN. Kiyoko has even gone as far as to release a bundle of the album which includes a LGBTQ+ flag with ‘#20GAYTEEN’ on it. The album bundle also includes either a CD/Pearl White Vinyl copy of the album and a black t-shirt with the album cover on it. You can buy the ‘Expectations’ album bundle here.

You can admire the album artwork for ‘Expectations’ below:

The ‘Expectations’ album tracklist features the previously mentioned singles along with a Kehlani collaboration and other tracks which were all written by Kiyoko. Upon releasing the album, Kiyoko asked fans and listeners to promise they will listen to the album from beginning to end, like it was intended to be heard. The reason behind this is that each song goes hand in hand as if the album is one big song, with the ending of one track becoming the start of the next track.

A track from the album, ‘What I Need’ is already being hinted as the next single, thanks to Kehlani jumping on the track. ‘What I Need’ was also included in Spotify’s ‘New Music Friday’ along with other playlists across different streaming services. The track is also becoming a fan-favourite.


Kiyoko is also set to perform at various music festivals, including Coachella, as well as her own North American tour to further promote her debut album. The ‘Expectations’ North American Tour will commence in San Diego on April 11th and conclude in New York on June 16th.

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