Here are a few lessons that emerging travel enthusiasts should learn from Val Cortez

Being a possessor of a thriving company and then taking turns toward travel and exploring, do you think it’s an easy decision to make? Of course not, but Val Cortez is made of unique marble, and her love for travel is bigger than the Son Doong Caves. Being a solo traveller for years, Val Cortez and her stories are now an inspiration for a myriad of travel enthusiasts.

As social media platforms have opened the doors of opportunity for numerous people, we now have millions of travel influencers and vloggers. But setting oneself aside from the pack is not easy, and if you too are battling with the same, then you should not miss these few lessons from Val Cortez that we have jotted down.

Be Authentic

In the preference for aesthetic content, a lot of people are messing up the pictures and videos by adding undue filters to them, whereas Val Cortez’s feed has credible pictures with the most animated colours. She exemplifies the true meaning of the word authentic. Check a few videos of Val’s tour to Hoi An, Vietnam and you will know what exactly we are talking about.

Give Quality Content

The type of content that you are posting as a travel vlogger should be uncompromised in quality. Learning from Val Cortez’s pictures and videos, we have realised that not only should the snapshots be of high quality but also the content should be beneficial for followers. In her caption, Val precisely describes the location so people can understand the whys and whereabouts of the pictures.

Personal Touch

You are the one who is travelling and narrating the story, so don’t hesitate to be yourself just like Val Cortez is. She never fails to describe her experience of visiting a particular place. This way, followers will benefit immensely.

Post Frequency

Maintaining the regularity between the posts is very necessary. Because if you don’t, people will replace you. Val Cortez understands this and, therefore, keeps consistency in her posts. You cannot travel around the clock. However, you can save pictures and videos and keep sharing them for a while.

Val Cortez has been to multiple countries like Amsterdam, Peru, Budapest, Serbia, Argentina, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Italy, Turkey, and Thailand. She is a true traveller; we hope she keeps delighting us with new excursion stories.

Written by Peter Jones