High Fives for The Harvey Hext Trust and A Sibling’s Wish

If you’re a fan of One Direction, chances are, you’ve heard the name Harvey Hext.  Harvey was a young boy who battled cancer for 6 years and took his last breath on November 29th, 2015.  Louis Tomlinson was linked up with the Hext family via his mom and some of their most fond memories of Harvey’s last year on earth are thanks to Louis.   Their story together was sweet; you can read it here.

If you aren’t a fan of One Direction, chances are, you’ll hear the name Harvey Hext not just now, but in the future, and the reason why is an incredible one.

When Harvey passed away, it was said that it was ‘the day their world turned grey’.  In an attempt to help other families when their own worlds turn grey, Harvey’s twin brother has a simple wish, a wish that helps the siblings that experience loss – one we can all help make come true.

The Harvey Hext Trust has launched A Sibling’s Wish which is an initiative that will make personalized bereavement boxes for siblings who are left behind once a young life is lost.  These boxes hold memory items in a lovely place that is reminiscent of who the child was in life, making it easier on their sibling to grieve and to look back upon their lost loved one with fond memories.

Since there is a minimum amount of money to be raised to get a charity started, there is a fundraiser in place to help raise the required amount of money to get their charity off the ground.

While donations are important, what’s more important is spreading awareness so that other people can get involved, donate, and spread the message too.  There is a hashtag going around that aims to unite people with the charity and also show support for the Hext family and the beautiful thing they are pledging their time and their hearts to do.

High Fives for The Harvey Hext Trust and A Sibling's Wish 4


The hashtag is #highfiveforsmallcharities and the idea is simple – take a selfie with ‘a sibling’s wish’ written on your hand.  You can also tag @asiblingswish on twitter to show your support.

High Fives for The Harvey Hext Trust and A Sibling's Wish 3

The One Direction fandom caught wind of this by fans keeping up with the Hext family and the organization known well to the fan base One Direction NDA – a safe place for One Direction fans and a group who support and acknowledge the charities that the lads have their hands in.  If you want to keep up with any of the projects that have been close to Louis’ or Harry, Niall, and Liam’s hearts; please check out their Twitter.

We here at CelebMix decided to pledge our support, and we hope you will too.  When you take your high five for small charities selfie, don’t forget to tag us so we can share them at @CelebMixCares and @CelebMix1D.

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