High School Musical: The Forgotten Characters

From Kelsi the musician, to Zeke the baker, CelebMix takes a look back on HSM’s forgotten characters.

The characters of High School Musical played a big part of our lives, we were always left wondering if Troy and Gabriella would make up after their arguments, or if Sharpay would ever get what she wanted. But of course, no High School Musical film would be complete without Troy’s pal’s or Sharpay’s followers, and of course, Zeke with his crème brulee!


Kelsi Nielsen

The songwriter and composer that wrote the very catchy ‘What I’ve Been Looking For’. Kelsi was very intimidated by Sharpay in the very first film, but eventually managed to stand up to her, to let Troy and Gabriella get the lead roles in the winter musical. High School Musical 2 shows Kelsi, Troy, Gabriella, and their friends working at the Lava Springs country club, which is owned by Sharpay’s family. Kelsi’s job is playing the piano in the dining room. In the third film, Kelsi manages to bag a scholarship at ‘Julliard School’ to study music, whilst forming a cute relationship with Ryan!

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Zeke Baylor

How could we forget Zeke!? The crème brulee, Sharpay obsessed basketball player. Zeke is the first of Troy’s friend to support Troy and his singing, as it turns out that Zeke has a pretty big passion for baking, which impresses Sharpay at the very end of the film. During the second film, Zeke is also hired to work at Lava Springs, but as a chef, although he is not involved with Sharpay that much, his crush still remains. Finally, the third film sees Zeke graduating with the rest of his East High pals.

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Jason Cross

Another basketball player of East High. Jason often asks questions or declares statements that make him come across as a ‘teachers pet’ or unintelligent. Jason manages to graduate during High School Musical 3, earning the scores that he needs.


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Martha Cox

An East High Student who is a member of the schools national decathlon team. With Troy auditioning for the winter musical, and Zeke admitting he loves to bake, Martha admits that she loves to dance (pop, lock, jam and break as she puts it!). Martha joined her friends to work at Lava Springs, and graduated with them in HSM3.

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Jimmie Zara

Known as ‘the rocket’ or ‘Rocketman’, Jimmie is Troy’s biggest fan. He is apart of the basketball team, and somehow manages to score the winning basket. He has a huge crush on Sharpay, and is lucky enough to perform with her.

Donny Dion

Donny is best friends with Jimmie, and looks up to Chad. He loves Chad that much, he asks for his locker when he graduates from East High!

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Tiara Gold

Tiara was Sharpay’s assistant during High School Musical 3, she was a British transfer student who worked for Sharpay to learn the ropes of East High. Tiara shows interest and dedication into Sharpay’s rehearsals, which then leads to Ms Darbus casting Tiara as Sharpay’s understudy. Tiara is dedicated to Sharpay, she informs her that Gabriella will not be able to take part in the show, therefore, Sharpay can take over her role. However, Sharpay is not aware that Troy is not apart of the show, so his understudy must take his place, Jimmie. Tiara takes over Sharpay’s role, and is determined to take her role in the drama department, however, this plan fails.

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A character during the first film. She auditions for a role in the winter musical, however, she does not get a callback. Ms Darbus was impressed with a few of her moves though.



Another character that auditions for the winter musical; she is not happy when she does not get a role.

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