Highlights from BTS’ interview with BBC Radio 1

We know quite a lot about BTS. Why wouldn’t we? Since 2017, there are hardly any outlets which haven’t talked about them. BTS aren’t just a group, they are a global phenomenon who have taken the music industry by storm. With every passing day, their popularity is growing and deservedly so.

On 18th January, Adele Roberts from BBC Radio 1 released the video of her interview with the group. While everyone knows that BTS are famous, Roberts went to Seoul to know the reasons behind the boys’ global success. Below are some of the highlights from her interview:

Mr. Son, the Man behind BTS’ Memorable Dance Moves

Anyone who has been the fan of BTS knows Mr. Son. The man has been the tutor as well the guide for the group. Credits to him, the group have brought forth some of the best and innovative choreographies that everyone tries to emulate.

When asked, how would he define BTS’ style, Mr. Son emphasised the dominance of pop and lock over other dance styles in the group’s dance. He also explained how each member individualizes the band’s image through their distinctive character, which in turn helps BTS as a whole to radiate a charm to the audience through their performance.

His statement finds its way in fans’ bias for one member over the others. While fans admire and respect all 7 members, they tend to like certain traits of a certain member over the other boys.

Tracing Point 0 to Narrate “How is All Started”

2012 is the point 0 for BTS. It’s the year when these 7 men who have been working for their dreams in their town or classes took a step further to finally materialize them into something big.

In the interview, RM touched down the group’s history and how they came from different parts of South Korea. J-Hope explained the amount of time the boys give to make sure that their performances reach the level of perfection they are known for.

One of the reasons why fans admire BTS is because of their history. In their song “MIC Drop”, BTS answered back to people who pictured the group’s failure due to their history. BTS, through their journey, have just proved that not everyone needs to be born with a silver spoon. Some people work hard to own a collection of their own.

The V Moment

There isn’t a single interview which doesn’t have one V moment. The man has a good sense of humour and a great timing. When RM was done explaining the significance and their reaction to the BBMAs, V interrupted and said one day he would tell his son about this day and will say, “Listen boy, I was famous” Yes, he surely was.

The ARMY moment

Adele made sure to help fulfill the dream of an ARMY. She introduced Stephanie to BTS, an ardent fan who moved to South Korea from Scotland because of the group. She finally got a chance to talk to her idols.

The boys went on to talk about their leisure time, communication, their big moments and the significance of social media and its part in their journey to global fame.

You can check out the complete interview below:

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