Hip-Hop Artist Jesus Brillo Gives Us an Insight into His Personal Life and Engagements Other than Music

Struggle, strife, and everything nice seem to be the motto that has guided the life of 24-year-old musician Jesus Brillo. Here, he discusses his personal life, music, and growth – both as an artist and a father.

On personal life:

“My personal life revolves around my children. I have a five-year-old daughter and a month-old son. As you can imagine, they are at a stage when they keep a parent’s hands full. Since my work is with music, which I believe can transcend age and other barriers, I am glad I can bring work home in a way that doesn’t take my time with my children away from me. Sometimes, I play for them and sometimes I like to engage my daughter with my work. It’s fun, but also exhausting.”

On music:

“Music is my life. And after a four-year sabbatical which ended last year, I am back to pursuing my passion with all that I have got within me. I have always liked the idea of multi-tasking, so my hands are usually fuller than that of other musicians, since I enjoy directing my videos, writing my songs, and being a one-man-army for my music.

“I love the hip-hop genre. It’s so iconoclastic. Creating hip-hop feels like having a direct conversation with people along with some groovy music playing in the background. I like its transparency and the kind of experiments that the legends of this genre have done with this music.” 

On professional engagements:

“When I was forced to take a break from music because of financial concerns, I started to invest my energy in building my two companies – Brillo Organic Investments and Brillo Center SRL. I started them to find my way out of a financial quagmire and help others like me along the way.”

With music guiding his way and his children lighting his inspiration, here’s wishing Jesus Brillo all the best for his future endeavors.

Written by CelebMix